Here’s an exercise for you

posted by Jason Kottke   Mar 29, 2001

Here’s an exercise for you kids to do at home: devise a Plastic.com drinking game. Sample rules might include:

- Find a front page posting with less than 15 comments? Take 1 drink.
- Take 1 drink for each link you saw on Obscure Store first.
- Take 5 drinks if said Obscure Store link is from the Florida Post Sentinel Times Picayune or some equally obscure newspaper that only Romenesko reads *and* is not credited as such.
- Take 2 drinks every time someone mentions karma or one of the “Sucksters”.
- Take 3 drinks for every non-Joey-posted item to the front page

See? It almost writes itself, doesn’t it? Go nuts.

(BTW, you could probably replace “Plastic.com” with “MetaFilter” and “Obscure Store” with “everywhere” in the above selection with little difficulty and still have a pretty good game. The rule that would really kill you in a MeFi drinking game is “take one drink every time someone references a MeFi rule or “guideline” in a thread (5 drinks if the reference appears on the front page). You’d be at a Winston Churchill level of drunkeness by the third post.)