There's no place like 15,000

posted by Jason Kottke Oct 02, 2002

Everyone's down in the dumps about the U.S. economy. Rising this & falling that, indices at multi-year lows, etc. It doesn't have to be this way. If the last 20 years has taught us anything, it's that the stock market has little to do with realistic concepts like revenue, earnings, and employment figures. We, the people of the United States of America, can bend the market to our collective will if we choose to do so. If analysts start saying Microsoft will hit 100 by the end of the year and people start buying Microsoft stock, it will. There's no reason Enron's stock, despite the company's scandal and restructuring, can't jump to 50 in the next 3 months. You just gots to believe.

So you, sitting there reading this claptrap, get up out of your chair, grab $1000 and invest in Cisco and Disney and McDonalds and 3M and GM and UAL and Amazon and Ebay and USX and Enron. If you happen to be Alan Greenspan, run to the nearest journalist and tell her that the economy is completely recovered. Say it like you mean it and we'll believe it. Together, we can will the Dow Jones to 15,000 and happier times for everyone. The stock market is a big house of cards as it is...let's just cross our fingers and build it a little higher.

p.s. This works for just about anything, by the way. If we all stop paying attention to Britney Spears, she'll cease to exist.