A little bit of tenderness

posted by Jason Kottke Feb 23, 2003

I'm tweaking the templates and stylesheets on kottke.org right now, so you might notice things looking a little funky for a bit. More after I'm done.

Ok, the tweaking is complete (as far as I know...please let me know if anything looks amiss). For most, the changes are pretty minor: smaller font size for the post titles on the front page, post titles link to individual posts, and little font size and weight changes here and there. If you're using OS X, you should be enjoying a new typeface everwhere but the sidebar.

Boring administrivia: Movable Type rebuilt the entire site - 2403 individual archive pages (including 1432 comments), 59 category archive pages, and almost 5 years-worth of monthly archive pages - in about 30 seconds. Fast. The version of MT I'm running on my iBook was a bit slower in updating the local version of the site...and has almost slowed to a crawl now that I'm using MT + MySQL. I have yet to upgrade the version of MT on the server to use MySQL...I'm hoping the pokey speed of the local version is due to my wee iBook and not the MT + MySQL combo in general.