Somehow, MetaFilter is still capable of producing really great threads  AUG 01 2003

Somehow, MetaFilter is still capable of producing really great threads.

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t09 01 2003 2:09PM

I guess we all have our own interpretation of 'great'.

YL18 01 2003 5:18PM

Goobers read everything and tsk-tsk-tsk.

Wilhelm47 01 2003 5:47PM

truly, sincerely, kindly: try shouting 'kazart', then spelling 'kindling'.

no one37 01 2003 6:37PM

Kottke is neat, daring, likable influencing net guests.

lance16 01 2003 7:16PM

Gosh, under every sign this sucks

Wilhelm05 01 2003 8:05PM

"Sucks"? Unfortunate choice, kiddo. Seriously.

ck15 01 2003 8:15PM

Stop eroding reasonable intellectualism over untenable statements lacking yin.

Wilhelm18 01 2003 8:18PM

Yeah, it's nonproductive.

Alan51 01 2003 8:51PM

Nonproductive?! Only nincompoops pan, ridicule, or deride useful, collective thinking involving vocabulary expertise.

dowingba40 01 200310:40PM

Even Xanga pities every rude, trite, ignorant sicko, eh?

rob51 01 200310:51PM

Exactly, heffe!

liedo45 01 200311:45PM

Here, everyone forgets foreign engagements

Tim35 02 2003 3:35AM

Enough! Nobody gave anyone go-aheads, especially metafilter. Ending needed -- thread's stupefying.

Greg38 02 2003 4:38AM

Sorry. The unending problems engulfed fickle yogurt ingesting noggins. Golly!

Durf20 03 2003 3:20AM

Grab ol' Lil's labia. Yank.

Anil15 03 2003 8:15AM

You're all not Kottke.

YL50 03 2003 8:50AM

Kottkephiles only think they know everything.

Bob mojo19 04 2003 9:19AM

Everything? Vapid early responses you type hopefully ignore near greatness!

Marshall26 04 200311:26AM

Growing rapidly
Each a thread never edified
Self syncopating

Wilhelm42 04 200312:42PM

Straitjacketed, yelling
no cooperation
only panic
asphodel tinctures
incoherent numb grief

Greg21 04 2003 2:21PM

Gump's real iteration exists: Forrest.

Wilhelm54 04 2003 4:54PM

FALSTAFF: O'er-reaching rapscallion!
SHALLOW: touche'.

sam59 04 2003 7:59PM

the only ugly chick has exited

YL02 04 200310:02PM

Dyslexia exists today. It sux big-time.

dowingba06 04 200311:06PM

But it's "Great": that implies much enormity.

Martin32 05 2003 4:32AM

Another fabulous reason for weblogs to be treated as irrelevant and childish.

YL15 05 200312:15PM

Afrfwtbtaiac? WTF?

Maybe a reason to IP-block nebbishes.

Wilhelm34 05 200312:34PM

Eventually, new obstacles rise -- maybe I'll tell you...

John21 05 2003 2:21PM

Your obstacles underestimated.

(can't contribute on Metafilter - didn't join before membership locked)

Wilhelm31 05 2003 3:31PM

Uh, no dice. Even really egregious surfers tend, in my appreciation, to explore dichotomies.

Greg53 06 2003 2:53AM

Dormant, interesting characters helming on this "overt metafilter." Instead, eat steak.

Wilhelm22 06 200312:22PM


dowingba26 07 200312:26AM

Kottke ought to try killing everyone.

This thread is closed to new comments. Thanks to everyone who responded.

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