Amazing Hubble photo of Saturn's rings  SEP 16 2003

Amazing Hubble photo of Saturn's rings.

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Ruben22 16 2003 2:22PM

Photoshopping is taught at the University of Arizona as well, I guess.

dowingba00 16 2003 4:00PM

What makes you think it's photoshopped?

Ruben00 17 200312:00PM

@dowingba: Because I just can't believe Saturn looks that way when you wake up after a long travel and look out of your Space Shuttle window in the morning.

R.52 17 2003 1:52PM

The reason pics of Saturn tend to look flat and geometric is because, currently, they're taken from so far away. I remember viewing the planet through one of our university telescopes back in college. Damn thing looked like a stencil. I was hella disappointed.

Cassini-Huygens will change all that.

JM06 17 2003 5:06PM

yeah, that's really what it looks like in the middle pic. pretty effin awesome.

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