A house built of CSS tricks and borders  OCT 18 2003

A house built of CSS tricks and borders.

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Matt Haughey22 18 200310:22AM

Somehow that reminds me of building pictures on an Apple ][e in 8th grade BASIC class, painting one giant pixel sprite at a time.

Ryan26 20 200311:26AM

Plus, his hair is always really stupid looking. and what's with the little line o' face hair thing, I can't stand that.

milov06 20 2003 6:06PM

But he sure can code some mean CSS.

Ryan Schroeder55 20 2003 7:55PM

heh, that was meant for the Gaeta link. even funnier here though.

sam28 21 2003 6:28AM

Was 'the house that CSS built' deemed too tired a title for this link?

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