*Fantastic* Van Gogh-like Polaroid of the Millennium  OCT 10 2003

*Fantastic* Van Gogh-like Polaroid of the Millennium Bridge in London, no Photoshop.

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Fedor17 10 2003 9:17AM

check out russian hero:

dowingba41 10 2003 9:41AM

They very well might have put it in photoshop to convert it to the right format and such...in other words:


Tom Houy59 10 2003 9:59AM

It's not a hoax. This effect can be easily done as stated. Lucas Samaras has been doing this for years, with some pretty cool results.

lee59 10 200310:59AM

I doubt this is a hoax. While it is an extremely clean alteration, I've taught this technique to high school photography students with similar success. Nicely done.

dowingba11 10 200311:11AM

My lord, I was being sarcastic.

Ryan Schroeder33 10 200311:33AM

oh, no one told you? sarcasm doesn't translate to the web.

Ryan23 10 200312:23PM

> "sarcasm doesn't translate to the web"

damn, if only that were true of irony.

eggin30 10 2003 3:30PM

I thought it was funny, downingba.

Also, great pictures- I had not seen this technique before. I particularly enjoyed the http://levah13.photosight.ru link.

bill30 10 2003 3:30PM

There's a book on the subject ...

Bernie38 10 2003 5:38PM

do check out these works by Lucas Samaras - done in teh 70's with a polaroid SX-70. Good Stuff.

Rob15 10 2003 7:15PM

Don't forget the three other similar photos on the site:


wendell42 11 2003 4:42AM

Or check out the Celebrity SX70 portraits done by Michael Dare in the '80s.
He did one of me when we met at a dull party in '85... can't imagine why my pic isn't in the on-line collection.

Jonathan Weed43 12 2003 3:43AM

Awesome. Absolutely awesome. Humans didn't always need Photoshop to tweak their potos ;).

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