Plenipotentiary: invested with or conferring full powers  OCT 22 2003

Plenipotentiary: invested with or conferring full powers.

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Mark13 23 2003 3:13PM

How many TiVoed Bravo West Wing episodes do you have?

jkottke32 23 2003 4:32PM

Lots (I was wondering if anyone would catch that...)

Chuck05 24 2003 7:05PM

I don't watch "West Wing" (I'd like to, but I'm out of time for any more television), but I first learned that word when I was about 10. I was reading a fabulous science fiction short story called "Puppet Show," by Fredric Brown, and the visiting extraterrestrial therein referred to himself as an "ambassador plenipotentiary." I ran to the dictionary to find out what that mouthful meant.

I guess I'll have to wait for "West Wing" DVDs, and then hope there's enough time to watch them sometime before I die.

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