The Coen brothers edited their latest film  OCT 21 2003

The Coen brothers edited their latest film with Final Cut Pro.

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R.57 21 200311:57AM

Ditto Walter Murch on Anthony Minghella's upcoming Cold Mountain.

jojo20 21 2003 9:20PM

Too bad Intolerable Cruelty wasn't on par with any of their other tremendous works.

Justin16 23 2003 5:16PM

Pretty impressive. I knew FCP was good, but didn't think it could ever be used for a large film like that.

Jojo: I presume you're talking about the movie it's self and not the quality of the image?

Townsend Maya 48 20 2004 6:48PM

It does not matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop.

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