The End of the Oil Age  OCT 24 2003

The End of the Oil Age.

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JJ28 27 2003 1:28AM

Interesting article, but I guess it's too little to make US americans open their eyes and leave their SUVs for a small, electric-powered, Toyota

dave p.38 27 2003 9:38AM

Baby steps, JJ. How many electric-powered Toyotas are actually made? How many people have passenger- and cargo-hauling needs that a tiny electric car can't meet. It's all just a matter of time. Let people get used to the concept of alternative fuels, and let the vehicles powered by alternative fuels get more diverse, and even US americans will come around.

Schmelding26 27 2003 2:26PM

How many electric Toyotas do you need to tie together to move a large family that you could move more efficiently with an SUV or minivan? Or are liberals planning to use abortion as a pollution solution?

phil59 27 2003 4:59PM

Burn the Liberals as Fuel, schmelding?

very nice linkage between pollution, anti-suv, liberal, and abortion. Neat.

i am suspending judgment while i listen for understanding rather than rebuttal.

Bill45 11 2004 2:45AM

Check this site.

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