Wanna be the next Lego Master Builder?  OCT 02 2003

Wanna be the next Lego Master Builder?.

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Doug29 04 200312:29AM

What's the point? If Zack competes, he'll win. He's a Lego maniac.

dowingba17 04 2003 1:17AM

If someone sponsors me, I'll spend the rest of my natural life building things out of legos. It's gotta be better than my current job, right? (cricket noises) Wow, tough crowd.

Benjy05 04 2003 1:05PM

I'm willing to bet that Zack's already a member of the Lego Master Builder staff. And who wouldn't want to learn from the best!

Ben04 05 200312:04AM

If I was still a kid, it would be my greatest ambition.

Jake29 06 2003 9:29AM

Hey, I'm not a kid, and it's still my greatest ambition!

p33 06 200311:33AM

this was my greatest ambition as a kid. i even went so far as to photograph (from all sides) my creations and sketch out the basic steps. i should really try and find the photos and sketches next time i'm back at my parents house.

Jake56 08 2003 2:56PM

And to think if you were a kid today, you can use the fan created CAD system instead: www.ldraw.org.

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