According to Leonard, reboots the Treo 600  NOV 23 2003

According to Leonard, reboots the Treo 600.

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leonard33 23 2003 9:33PM

confirmed on TreoCentral forums. wonder what part of your page is causing it...

jkottke08 23 200310:08PM

Lots and lots of old, non-standard, non-compliant markup.

Shawn23 24 200310:23AM crashes my Palm Tungsten C and that site has fairly clean mark-up... Palm's new Web Browser is largely to fault. The CSS support is equally hideous. I have written Palm about the issue's with CSS but they have ignore me entirely... even after I provided test cases and such. Blah.

Chris16 26 2003 7:16PM

Amazing, but true. First site I've found that kills Blazer dead on contact. It would be interesting to know what code is at fault.

Cheshire57 05 2003 1:57PM

You know how no matter how many people tell you something will affect you a certain way, and everyone who's done it agrees, and yet you still think you won't be affected the same way?

Yeah, it crashed my Treo 600 too. I just didn't want it to be true.

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