Barney's is selling the old school Mattel  NOV 19 2003

Barney's is selling the old school Mattel football and baseball handhelds.

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Jeffrey J. Hoover51 19 2003 6:51PM

Yep. The whole lot is at Target too.

Bruce21 19 2003 9:21PM

Radio Shack as well.

Matt Haughey53 19 200311:53PM

Saw them at Radio Shack the other night too. Kicked myself for not thinking of it, I bet buying distribution rights to make that game again was really cheap.

omit43 20 200312:43AM

They've been on sale for a while. Since last year, at least.

ralph41 20 2003 1:41AM

Jeez, I still have my original Mattel football game. Still works, too. Cool to see these classics come back.

KJC36 20 2003 8:36AM

Still, $35 seems a little steep to make red dots move around a small screen. I'm guessing they're really $10 + $25 kitsch/retro fee...

patrick03 20 2003 9:03AM

They're $8 or so at Target.

mike m28 20 200310:28AM

Yup $8 at Target. I got Football last Christmas as a stocking stuffer.

KJC15 21 200310:15AM

OK, so I was wrong ... it's a $27 kitsch/retro fee.

Chris39 21 2003 3:39PM

I read an article last year about the football game. When some marketing guy at Mattel had the brainstorm to bring the game back, he had to buy one Ebay as the company didn't have a working model anywhere. My kid has the baseball and football, $10 or so at Toys R Us.

Mike54 21 200311:54PM

I own the new version of the Mattel football game and it is close but not exactly like the original. The sound effects are off.

Birnbaum Daniel 50 26 2004 1:50AM

Unusual ideas can make enemies.

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