"I think the states should increase their  NOV 11 2003

"I think the states should increase their bargaining power against companies by forming a union. We could call it the 'United States of America.'". Hee

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barlow45 11 2003 5:45PM

That's pretty silly. How about this - we don't tax corporations at all. The reason is obvious - it really isn't theoretically possible to tax companies anyway; they just pass this on as a cost of doing business to consumers. Only people can be taxed, in essence, anyway. So don't have corporate taxes, and goods can be cheaper because the costs of compliance completely evaporate. Further, corporate decision making can take out of the equation tax implications of behaviors and they can do what's best for the business or for its employees and neither has to compete with Unc. Sam for strategy considerations.

majick56 11 2003 6:56PM

Goods would not become cheaper -- instead, profit margins would become fatter. There is no incentive for a corporation to pass a reduction (or elimination) of its tax burden to its customers. Trickle-down economics were pretty much debunked the last few times they came around.

barlow44 11 2003 7:44PM

Majick - all it takes is another company to undercut their price on the same product; that's competition, and it pretty much works every time it "comes around".

Plus, even if profit margins become fatter, that helps stock prices which help mom and pop. So trickle-down always works; it only gets a bad rap in some circles - the same circles who get fixated on executive compensation and don't see the bigger picture.

Scott24 12 200311:24AM

"all it takes is another company to undercut their price on the same product"
But what about monopolies or price fixing (cds)?

MacDara23 14 2003 6:23AM

Trickle-down economics is based in the premise that people involved in big business are inherently fair, when of course that's far from the truth. Altruism is anathema to commerce. Sure it works in theory, but when you add humans to the equation it fails in practice. Of course, I'm no economist...

Robert57 15 2003 9:57PM

that helps stock prices which help mom and pop.

Ha! That's very funny. Higher wages and cheaper products help more "moms and pops" than fat profits and insane executive payments.

Becker Maki 47 10 200311:47PM

The world is a beautiful book for those who can read it.

Siegel Zoe 03 21 2003 2:03AM

When prosperity comes, do not use all of it.

Niblock Jasper 27 10 2004 3:27AM

Churches are hospitals for sinners, rather than hotels for saints.

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