List of Organizations, People, and Anthropomorphic Endangered  NOV 07 2003

List of Organizations, People, and Anthropomorphic Endangered Species That, for Funds-Soliciting Purposes, Purchased My Closely Held New Mailing Address from the ACLU, Which I Recently Joined, Ironically, to Support Privacy Rights. Boo for the ACLU!

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Rick56 07 2003 6:56PM

You expected better eh? the Aclu is no different from most people/groups, they always look out for themselves first :)

Schmelding40 07 2003 8:40PM

You expected more from the ACLU at all?!?!? ACLU = Pedophiles. Boo for the ACLU indeed.

jkottke30 07 2003 9:30PM

ACLU = Pedophiles.

Please don't make such ridiculous statements on my site. It's trolling, inflammatory, not constructive, and unwelcome.

m34 07 2003 9:34PM

oh i don't know jason. i thought it was as funny as hell. but that's just me.

This thread is closed to new comments. Thanks to everyone who responded.

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