Music group "The Postal Service" was sent  NOV 11 2003

Music group "The Postal Service" was sent cease and desist letter by the U.S. Postal Service.

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berryfloor56 11 2003 2:56PM

EU nations should send a cease and decist letter to USPS, because the US wasnt first with Postal Service. There is as always prior art elsewhere.


Bobby02 11 2003 7:02PM

The link seems to be pointing elsewhere, unless I'm missing something.

dtetto09 11 2003 7:09PM

I thought that so, too, Bobby, but it's an item at the end of the grocery-list title that starts the page (right under the world map).

Steven Garrity28 11 2003 8:28PM

On the bright side, this recent attention prompted me to re-discover this great band - they are now on my current driving mix. Hopefully it will do the same for others.

Justin38 11 2003 8:38PM

Berryfloor, prior art is for patents.

Liedo46 12 2003 8:46PM

Is Interpol next?

Jonas!24 13 200311:24PM

It's also part of the article on dntel. Nothing better than electronic pop!

Paul Romero57 24 200311:57PM

USPS rocks alot more than so called 'artists' like the postal service could imagine. Imagine 2 day air service from New York to the left coast for $3.95. or 300 million addresses served everyday. No wonder Lance and the boys are proud to wear the flying eagle colors.

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