Over 106 billion people have ever lived on earth  NOV 11 2003

Over 106 billion people have ever lived on earth.

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Dan40 11 2003 7:40PM

This is something I've always wondered. Thanks!

Steven Garrity00 11 200310:00PM

I've been spreading the myth (I know now that it is a myth) that there are more people alive now than have ever lived on earth. I sounded smart when I said it.

Schmelding56 12 2003 1:56AM

I wonder how many McHamburgers that equals?

Brad11 12 2003 9:11AM

Pure conjecture.

mpt56 13 200310:56PM

How many people have ever lived on Earth? Short answer: “Almost all of them.”

jojo06 14 2003 2:06AM

I just drove by a McDonalds and their tote board is up to "99 billion served."

dowingba27 14 2003 1:27PM

It's been at 99 billion served for like 10 years now. My theory is that they're easily over the 100 billion mark now but it would be too costly to modify all the signs to include that extra digit.

Mike30 16 2003 2:30AM

Billions and billions served. It sounds like a gangbang porno advert.

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