Top 10 way to use Venn diagrams  NOV 10 2003

Top 10 way to use Venn diagrams.

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dtetto00 10 2003 6:00PM

And here I thought the medium was limited to To Kill a Mockingbird vs. Of Mice and Men.

ixg01 10 200311:01PM

Pretty interesting:
7. As an innovative way to take notes - I am not sure what the difference is between the "situation" and the "facts" are though. But seeing paradigm as a function of facts + strategy, for instance, was somewhat though provoking

MacDara27 11 2003 5:27AM

Hmm. A site about venn diagrams that doesn't even mention the terms 'set' or 'subset', let alone the mathematical notation related to them. Maybe I'm missing something, but if I am it's not where it should be. Curious...

Nick52 11 2003 1:52PM

How about '1. To aid in the study of set theory' ?

mpt49 13 200310:49PM

There’s an error in the title. It should be “Top ten ways to use a group of three intersecting circles in ways that look like Venn diagrams but really aren’t”.

MacDara20 14 2003 6:20AM

I rest my case.

(I still don't see the words 'set theory' anywhere on that site, least of all where they should be. But anyway.)

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