VW Touareg can't tow Airstream as shown in advertising  NOV 12 2003

VW Touareg can't tow Airstream as shown in advertising. Their marketing department got ahead of itself

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dowingba40 12 2003 3:40PM

So what about those other car commercials (don't know which brands) that show pickup trucks pulling ocean-liners out of the ocean and through icebergs and stuff?

brian45 12 2003 3:45PM

those are chevy ads i think? but i would assume the guy could return the car if he had less than 300 miles put on it...

i am pretty sure though that even fewer people in america will be trying to tow an airstream with their touareg than will be trying to go offroad, so i don't really see the problem in this respect.

jj56 12 2003 4:56PM

those other commercials have disclaimers in their ads - used more as a metaphor. the Touareg claims that it CAN in fact haul that camper.

Benjy52 12 2003 5:52PM

Toyota has a commerical where a pickup in the line of cars a monster truck is supposed to crush instead causes the monster truck to flip back. But they throw a disclaimer at the bottom of the screen about it.

dowingba13 12 200310:13PM

I hate those disclaimers. Seriously. They are almost always written so small that it's impossible to read on anything but an HDTV. I can't fathom why those hold up in court.

ijf19 12 200311:19PM

I don't see how those dislaimers are valid, the same as omission imo. Though I prefer american cars, I have to side with VW here - most car commercials are deceiving, obvious exaggerating the pull and power of a vehicle. Most commercials are deceiving and exaggerate a product or service.

Jay05 13 200310:05AM

Many commercials ARE deceiving or exaggerate a product purposefully to illustrate a point, but in this case, VW and its dealers ASSURED buyers the vehicle could tow the Airstream. Not many individuals would assume a Chevy can tow an ocean liner, and in either case, no dealer would tell a buyer it could.

Waite Julie Piper 23 11 2003 1:23AM

We are as God made us, and often a great deal worse.

Baty Janna 57 21 2003 2:57AM

There's a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line.

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