AFA gay marriage poll results won't go  JAN 24 2004

AFA gay marriage poll results won't go to Congress after all. The result of the poll was "something other than what [the AFA] wanted".

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Susan39 24 2004 6:39PM

Why don't high schools require basic statistics courses? Why are so many Americans ignorant of the procedures by which researchers gather data regarding opinions? And why do they love to bandy about percentages without really understanding what they represent? Visitors to a website do not constitute a "random sample" and therefore no generalization can be made, except about visitors to the website who voted. The AFA was foolish to even think that thier "poll" would mean anything and deserve the results that they got, which are equally meaningless (except, perhaps, as an indication of the relative web-sophistication of those who support marriage for all Americans).

Billy Green27 24 2004 9:27PM

Mr. T says "Legalize gay marriage or I throw all you suckas in a garbage can, fools. also drink your milk."

Mike02 24 200410:02PM

"Drink your drugs" "Don't do school" "Stay in milk"

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