Full-color panorama of Mars from Spirit rover  JAN 13 2004

Full-color panorama of Mars from Spirit rover.

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Kimberly53 13 200410:53AM

I love science fiction and I love that we got a machine with really good cameras onto Mars and I love that we're learning about it. However, I think this is hysterical. It's 360 degrees of rocky, brown dirt. OooOooooOOOO.

Stefan Jones26 13 200412:26PM

Don't be cynical.It's not just rock and brown dirt.

There are *brown hills* on the horizon.

ryan38 13 2004 4:38PM

It's amazing - brown, red or otherwise. Pictures from different planets are totally underrated.

margaret40 14 2004 5:40PM

sure, it's just red dirt and rocks, but it's red dirt and rocks from another planet! in high resolution! the sky is pinky-orange! you can see all around you! that one hill totally looks like some kind of alien bunker! by the way, my science teacher totally loved this.

Paul Neave09 26 2004 1:09PM

It ain't fiction, Kimberly, it's real. This is another planet. Think about that. Another planet. The air is so thin that you'd boil alive if you stood on the surface - it's not hot either, it's -100 degrees below zero.

OK, it's boring to look at, but no human has ever seen or set foot there ever before. And don't forget, these are the safest areas on Mars that NASA dared land their spacecraft - the mind boggles at what is to come.

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