Is this Howard Dean's Dukakis-in-a-tank moment?  JAN 02 2004

Is this Howard Dean's Dukakis-in-a-tank moment?.

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Thomas Locke Hobbs07 02 2004 1:07PM

Dukakis was trying to look series. Dean, obviously, isn't.

xiffix06 02 2004 2:06PM

Dukakis had already won the nomination.

gulp55 02 2004 7:55PM

This is the guy who is suppose to beat bush? crud, after reading about Dean and his blunders, I wish the democrats had someone else...

James00 03 200410:00AM

At least there aren't photos of him dropping a dog, or pretending to land a plane onto an aircraft carrier, for example.

Alex Reynolds33 03 200410:33PM

I don't get the connection: Dukakis in a tank and Dean wearing a foam cheese hat? Someone smarter than myself please explain this to me...

dowingba10 04 2004 3:10AM

Now now, don't go ruining a priceless Dean picture (just screaming for a Caption Contest, by the way) by bringing up Bush's foibles.

Bob05 05 2004 1:05AM

Alex R: - The Dukakis picture was considered by many to be the final nail in his coffin for a couple reasons - no military service (so what's he doing in a tank?), and a big, goofy looking helmet that, in many photos, sat at an awkward tilt making him hard to take serious (at least from those photos).

The comparison to Dean lies in the fact that people don't take anyone wearing a funny hat very seriously.

(sidenote: It was also reported that the commanding officer ordered to give Dukakis a helmet for that photo-op purposely picked one out that was several sizes too large.)

Jason J.33 05 200410:33AM

I heard a rumor that some people take themselves too seriously, but I've yet to confirm it.

Chuck12 05 2004 3:12PM

"Is this Howard Dean's Dukakis-in-a-tank moment?"


Bryan46 06 2004 1:46AM

No. He was having fun and he's got a real smile going on, and not the squished-face smile-thing he does.

bulbhead04 27 2004 3:04AM

It is absolutely a "Dukakis in a tank" moment. If Dean becomes the dem running against bush, pictures of Dean's red face about to explode would be shown endlessly. It would be the one picture that, when you look at it, you realize you cannot elect this man president, no matter how much you like what he says or stands for.

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