Just how far can that Yeti smack a penguin?  JAN 22 2004

Just how far can that Yeti smack a penguin?. My high score is 320.5.

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Ryan Schroeder08 22 2004 1:08PM


also 205.6 nose first.

and now i've spent _way_ too much time smacking the pengiun

Phil Dokas25 22 2004 1:25PM

Any tips on, oh, how to play?

ray27 22 2004 1:27PM

this is just too much fun... 323.4 :)

Peter28 22 2004 1:28PM

207.6 nost first!

evan30 22 2004 1:30PM

Damn y'all -- I only got 323.3. 211 nose first, though.

jkottke30 22 2004 1:30PM

You can also play for least distance (>0). 65.5 is my best so far.

Ryan Schroeder36 22 2004 2:36PM

> You can also play for least distance

Yeah I started off that way ;) 66

Peter47 22 2004 2:47PM

323.5 :)

rob01 22 2004 3:01PM

316.7 longest distance
201.7 longest nose first
72.7 shortest distance

Tim10 22 2004 3:10PM

Ok this must stop...323.5 (me too! me too!) 207.4 (nosefirst) and only 75.8 (least distance)

Jay07 22 2004 4:07PM

I was too much of a linedrive hitter intially - and I kept thinking I wished there was a way to make the Yeti right-handed.


But I eventually got all of that penguin, for 323.5, 205.9 nosefirst, and 86.7 for short distance (can't get the hang of that, for some reason). My goodness, how addicting.

Donato21 22 2004 4:21PM

very addictive :-)

i managed 320.5, but try as i may, i could not get past that score.

spygeek31 22 2004 5:31PM

Okay, I couldn't beat greatest distance (317.9), but I did get a shortest distance - 64.1.

LaserFrk32 22 2004 5:32PM

323.4 - I've got way too much time on my hands !

Jeff46 22 2004 5:46PM

longest penguin whack: 323.3 metres
longest penguin nosedive: 207.2 metres
longest penguin grounder: 155.2 metres

shortest penguin motion: 0.0 metres


Jay58 22 2004 5:58PM

Must. Stop. Whacking. Penguin.

Longest nosedive is now 207.4 - can't imagine exceeding 211 as reported above. I CLOBBERED the little fella on that one.

Longest overall is still 323.5.

Shortest is now 76.3, and this was TOTALLY by accident. I have no idea how to go for a short whack.

I'm bothered by the Yeti's lack of "stepping into the swing." My man must have HUGE arms.

ChicagoTex!02 22 2004 6:02PM

LOL. I thought I was going to be big stuff and come in here that I got 323.5. I wonder if that's the highest one can go.

ChicagoTex!05 22 2004 6:05PM

And nope, for short whacks, I can't even get below 130. Great link.

ChicagoTex!09 22 2004 6:09PM

HA! Got 64.1 and totally by accident. So, it's possible. :) OK, that's enough of that.

evan21 22 2004 6:21PM

Oh yeah, I killed that mofo when I hit the nose-dive 211. I didn't think he'd come back on the screen. Still stuck at 323.3 -- I can't seem to crank that extra .2.

jkottke35 22 2004 6:35PM

I sent this to a friend and she got 325 on her first try. And this guy got a 326.4.

bicaboc44 22 2004 6:44PM

since i can't seem to get past 316.something (first try) i challenge everyone to rise to my level of mediocrity: get exacly 200 with a nose dive, as i just did.

jay51 22 2004 6:51PM

207.6 on the nose dive. after 30 minutes. 30 minutes for .1

so worth it :D

tim54 22 2004 6:54PM

I can consistently hit in the 300 range, highest 322.something. I actually don't think it's possible to make it past 323.4/5... that would seem to be the highest you can go based on everyone i know who's played it.

Cory35 22 2004 7:35PM

The first time I read the link title, I thought it said something about 'Jedi' and smacking penguins. Alas, I was a little disappointed.

And I could only make 319.

Lester Nelson35 22 2004 7:35PM

bicaboc - I got exactly 200 with a nose dive too. Only 315.2 or something on the belly slide.

Tim59 22 2004 7:59PM

I think the guy who claims a 326.4 has a hard time distinguishing between a "6" and a "5"...if not then I going to damn bitter.

Tim00 22 2004 8:00PM

make that a "6" and a "3".

Andre07 22 2004 8:07PM

nose dive: 206.3
belly: 316.3

vitaflo38 22 2004 8:38PM

That's weird, I got 326.4 on one of my first tries. Didn't realize that was even good!

jackson27 22 2004 9:27PM

323.5 distance
205 nosedive

Carp, thought 323.5 was where it topped out, but people are reporting topping 326. Gotta whack me some flightless birds

Michael-Anthony Edgcumbe40 22 200410:40PM

we've been demanding screenshots from each other all day

vasta06 23 200412:06AM

323.5 distance
211 nosedive
56.3 short

of course, i have been playing the game for two days non-stop now, you'd think i'd have enough practice...

dowingba54 23 2004 1:54AM

I got 56 for shortest distance. It was a huge glitch though because the penguin just landed as if it hadn't been hit but it didn't say "0" like it usually does, it said "56".

James Casey50 23 2004 3:50AM


Faster version. Sometimes doesn't load, but great when it does.

Gummi40 23 2004 4:40AM

490.3 after a couple of swings. What's the limit?

Jason51 23 2004 6:51AM

Link isn't working for me. :(

Ned02 23 2004 7:02AM

Apparently the distance you get is random, someone on a forum wrote a macro to do exactly the same swing each time and he got wildly different results.

ChicagoTex!15 23 2004 7:15AM

Re: Jason. Heh, Yep, I think we killed it. I decided to take a break a minute ago and whack the penguin around some more, but evidently his server's overloaded now.

Donato11 23 2004 8:11AM

server overloaded?

i guess thats what happens when you have a good game?

Donato14 23 2004 8:14AM

forgot to mention i found another simple but addictive game and server should still be up.

have it on my blog under "How bored are you", apologies if you think this is a blatant advert, but its another "one of those" games!

ChicagoTex!37 23 2004 8:37AM

heh @ Donato. I made it to 10. Takes a lot longer to get the hang of it.

ChicagoTex!37 23 2004 9:37AM

For everyone who can't access it from this link, go to http://games.tiscali.cz/temp3/yp010.swf and crash his server, too.

Cheapbastard58 23 2004 9:58AM

Chicagotex.. that link didn't work either.. 5 diff people have emailed about this game, and I can't play. ugh..

Freddy21 23 200410:21AM

491.5 - nosedive. Seriously.

Donato34 23 200410:34AM

keep trying ChicagoTex!

i must of got a lucky run on the wind force and directions! ;-)

Michael35 23 200410:35AM

The records around our dept.
Longest - 324.3
Nose Dive - 207.6
Grounder - 65.4

sprain52 23 200410:52AM

C'mon everyone, submit your highscore to the "Smack The Penguin Highscore List" on http://www.sprain.ch/penguin/ :-)

Jon56 23 200411:56AM

323.5. I'm pretty damn proud of myself.

PC23 23 200412:23PM

A flagpole in the ass has got to hurt.

dave56 23 200412:56PM

586 bouncing
489 nosedive
(it seems easier today)

ChicagoTex!26 23 2004 4:26PM

Nah, they're altered programs, as Sprain kind of points out on his link. Notice that the signs stop after 350. Scandalous!

ChicagoTex!28 23 2004 4:28PM

Hmm, 300 even.

Jeff17 23 2004 5:17PM

cannot. stop. penguining.


longest penguining: 323.5
(up a whopping .2 from last time, johnny)
longest penguine nose dive: 207.9
(and look, bert, up a remarkable .7 on the nose dive. fan-tastic.)
shortest excuseable penguining: 61.0

(whak-honk) vhreeeeeeeeee!
(whak-honk) vhreeeeeeeeee!

K-Cebo04 24 200412:04AM

Shortest Nosedive: 188.9

shaun08 24 2004 9:08PM

I think this is a fiendish European plot to get Americans to use the metric system.

Punk30 25 200411:30PM

Lowest: I got ZERO (0)

RedStorm59 26 200410:59AM

Apparently there are at least two different Penguin Games. Both give wildly different results.

http://home.tele2.fr/kcv/pinguin.swf -- The high score on this game seems to be 323.5. That's as high as my coworker and I can get and we've smacked those penguins around at least 10,000 times.

http://meph.eu.org/ -- The high scores all top 500. The penguin moves faster and farther.

Hopefully this clears up any confusion regarding high scores. If anyone can definitively say that 323.5 is not the high score I'd like to hear from you.

maratimer51 26 200412:51PM

What's the high score for the smack at meph.eu.org - I cant seem to get any higher than 593. Does anyone know? I dont want to spend anymore time if its not any higher.

Tiff14 27 200412:14AM

we have smacked that penguin about 1000 times each in this office, and no one can beat 593. Anything higher and its a fudged screen dump. if someone has genuinely got highter, give us the link....

Dave10 27 200410:10AM

We've been playing for two days - 324.3 is the highest I've gotten and 323.5 a couple of times on the legit game.

Dave12 27 200410:12AM

Also - 64.1 appears to be the absolute low and 207.4 is the highest anyone has gotten on a can of corn on the legit game. We play 5 swings and one of use got a total of 1390. I haven't come close to a 1300 round yet but I'm determined to.

Rob51 27 2004 7:51PM

I got 593.5 on the http://www.meph.eu.org/ version hope that answers anyones question. I'll even post a picture if anyone doesn't believe me :P

FreddyC47 28 200412:47AM

I just got 593.5 on that fast one, and my best on the slower one is 323.4. This game is too adictive.

ExCoach42 28 2004 8:42AM

Huh! I didn´t realize that I am among the top penguin-smashers in the world!
My longest is 323.5, I´ve hit that a couple of times.
Longest nose dive is 207.8.

Kinda proud:)

M38 28 200410:38AM

I hv done 593.5 also ..don't know which version I am using

labura13 28 200411:13AM

321.2 is the most

Areli34 28 2004 6:34PM

I got 593 the first day playing but i don't know in which version.

ANG56 28 2004 6:56PM

ok here is the link http://laget.kicks-ass.net/pingvin/pinguin.swf i just got a 593.5

Art30 28 200411:30PM

323.5 is the tops I could get on the slow version... ditto on addictive.

bonquisha50 28 200411:50PM

I have gotten 593.5- I think that's the highest you can go

Kip Ingram34 29 200412:34AM

322.9 somewhere in my first ten swings or so. Never got past 302 or 303 after that. Beginners luck?

Endorphin02 29 2004 1:02AM

I got 323.5, 207.5 nose first and a 65.4 (on a double swing I swong it by mistake and swung again) least.

Ben Web30 29 2004 6:30AM

well well well boyz i am the leader of the pack with 329.3

crazyman26 29 2004 9:26AM

I got 574.3 and 587.1

Arketyec06 29 200410:06AM

I smacked that sucker 593.3 this morn!! The trick is to hit ii hard and low that way it flys past 300 but when it hits the ground it bounces for a while and doesnt land head first!!! keep tryin boys!

Arkeytec07 29 200410:07AM

oops that was supposed to be 593.5.

ed31 29 200412:31PM

598.8 is what i got my girl got something similar i think you can get 600 tops

Chris30 29 200410:30PM

a girl I work with got 325.5.

Lucy03 30 2004 4:03AM

i got 1282.9.. ..no lie

lucy07 30 2004 4:07AM

oh... and I do have the screen dump to prove it

Welshy15 30 2004 7:15AM

and were is this screen dump then!

Caryou06 30 200410:06AM

I had 588.3! Smack it so it bounce!

Bill15 30 2004 2:15PM

ok, try this one...http://www.mironov.net/pingu/pingu2.swf. The furthest we have gotten was 598...no 600s. But then replace the 2 in the address with a 3. Then you can smack it into the 1200s!

Arkeytec00 30 2004 4:00PM

I got 1195.6 using that the website from Bill

Killer29 30 2004 6:29PM

I got 593.5 2x. My guess is 600 is the max? Looks like make him land closest to 350, but not over, so he bounces.

Jordan58 30 2004 6:58PM

I got 596.4 bouncing on his stomach. i cant get any highte

Au bâton.12 30 2004 8:12PM

Je l'ai lancé à 492 à mon 5e essai. Je suis très fier de moi.

Cory25 31 200412:25PM

Short Score: 56.3
Nose First: 207.5
Furthest: 319.8

Cory29 31 200412:29PM

Long: 1184.9
Short: -56.3
Nose First 788.1

This is with the link where you replace the 2 with a 3.

Cory30 31 200412:30PM

New long: 1200.3

Cory30 31 200412:30PM

Nose First: 789.2

jorge19 31 2004 6:19PM

my longest on the nose dive is 207.6 and the longest hit is 325.6 very addicting.

ChicagoTex!51 01 2004 7:51AM

Haven't checked on this thread for a while, but I figured I'd add this new version of the penguin game. You can make the penguin go absurdly far--one of my nose-dives went well into the 2000s. Personally, I prefer the original: it seemed more realistic.

Marian37 01 2004 2:37PM

Believe it or not, I smacked the penquin 3207.9 feet. A lot of fun!!!!

ChicagoTex!13 01 2004 4:13PM

3498.3 here. But I mainly just posted that to say...Post 100! Woo hoo! Ok, childish moment's over.

Gleno the Unraedy57 01 2004 4:57PM

You guys have me confused. Me and my friends are consistently dropping that penguin in the 400's, and most of us have high scores in the 580's. We are playing at http://meph.eu.org/. If this is not the site you guys are talking about, please let me know. I want to know what we're doing differently.

ChicagoTex!32 01 2004 6:32PM

Gleno, there are several different versions of the game. Too many, if you ask me. A good compilation of all the games (that I know of) can be found on my site. Anyway, enjoy.

Jonny46 01 200410:46PM

If you want to bet all records try this


ChicagoTex!36 02 2004 5:36AM

Found a new site called "Yeti Sports". Can even download wallpaper and keep score. Not sure if it's the original programmer, but he's sure putting a copyright on it.

chessboy8648 02 2004 8:48PM

wow you can get scores upwards of 10000. I got 12164.3

haywood44 02 2004 9:44PM

you are all a bunch of losers

haywood44 02 2004 9:44PM

you are all a bunch of losers

lee creighton58 03 200410:58AM


Bradderz58 03 200412:58PM

I got 350.8 beat dat pplz

marshall33 03 2004 6:33PM

i got 593.5

Osito16 04 2004 2:16AM

Version - pingu4
Highest - 3572 (have the jpg to prove it)
Version - Original
Highest - 323.5 (highest you can go)
Yeti is the original. Now includes database function for comparing games.

wilco23 04 2004 8:23PM

you don't want to make it pop fly, if you skid it it gives better distance. swing a little later, my best is 581.4

KTV03 05 2004 1:03AM

I got 556.0. It's hard and so... addictive.

Jakob (dk)00 05 2004 6:00AM

593,5, beat it!

tom19 05 200410:19AM

where can you get it from, what website?

Greg09 05 2004 2:09PM

I got 593.5. Haven't been able to get past it although I've got 593.5 several times.

eric31 05 2004 4:31PM

I think thats the limit I cant get passed 593.5

Coder42 05 2004 4:42PM

The swing action is triggered by the Mouse-Up event, not the "click". Which means, you can get a little more control by holding down the mouse button until you're ready to swing .. then release.

d.chaison16 05 2004 7:16PM

Mine 323.5. What is the MAX you can get? This is supposedly the "NEW" version off the official site.

annie19 05 2004 9:19PM

i got a 588.9 after playin for about 30 mins

Moose Watcher11 06 2004 8:11PM

Comon guys I smacked the little bugger 593.5 and few at 588

Moose Watcher11 06 2004 8:11PM

Comon guys I smacked the little bugger 593.5 and few at 588

frodo31 07 2004 2:31AM

I got 322.9 (sliden) and 206.9 (nose in ground)

frodo33 07 2004 2:33AM

original www.milkandcookies.com

suzie58 07 2004 3:58PM

I got 323.4 on the original, 1224.1 on another version (http://www.mironov.net/pingu/pingu3.swf) and 12,000something on the low gravity one. Anyone know the max score for the last two?

Tay14 09 200410:14AM

Taylor: 323.5 total distance

dave15 09 200410:15AM

Dave: 207.6 nose in ground

drew17 09 200412:17PM

most distance 577.5 i have the image to prove it

drew17 09 200412:17PM

most distance 577.5 i have the image to prove it

jim37 10 2004 2:37PM

my highest so far is 588.8--longest nose dive was 498.3--shortest hit was about 130. what is the longest possible...does anyone know?

Jude31 11 2004 1:31AM

there is another version out there where you can smack the dude a ton. i hit the dude 1216.8. it's the furthest I can get with teh faster version

Ian32 12 2004 5:32AM

Ya, I got the meph one up to 593.4, but also 323.5 on the regular one.....

Ian35 12 2004 5:35AM

& also have the screen shots 4 proof..... but, I think the units of measurement is in feet, not meters. Could you imagine a ball in the majors going 323 meters!!! That's 1000 feet!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bill43 12 200410:43PM

I got a couple in the 590's. Can't remember what they were, for sure. I have had several between 550 and 590. Thinking I could get 600 but not so far.

lucy18 13 2004 5:18AM

i got 543.7 haha beat that fuckers!

RAP28 13 200412:28PM


RAP45 13 200412:45PM

Cool...2e best...593.5.../

Jack14 13 2004 7:14PM

Mine is 577.8 on a slam

RAP37 16 2004 8:37PM

Make him SLIDE...my highest when sliding the pingu!!!...578...587.1 twice and my best 593.5...still trying...Yes!

RAP * cool*556*56 16 2004 8:56PM

I just did it! Twice my best 593.5...Sliding...Yes!...3 days later.

RAP12 16 2004 9:12PM

In french we said..." jamais deux sans trois"...third time best...593.5...and I print it! Good Bye! Still trying for highest score?

adam44 17 2004 5:44AM

igot 3569 and i have dajpg pic 2 prove it beat dat every1

adam46 17 2004 5:46AM

now i got 3699 i got proof thas da best i can get

RAP32 17 2004 2:32PM

adam...WOW!!!...what kind of PC... "GForce"...have you??????....WOW again!!!

Troian66652 17 2004 8:52PM

I got 1224.1 on http://www.rustusovka.com/12345/ping3.swf and 593 on http://www.probox.nl/

Troian66604 17 2004 9:04PM

12029.1 on http://www.korenwolf.net/pingu/rocket-up-the-arse.html

RAP22 17 200410:22PM

Fourth time 593.5...can not go beyond..."But...korenwolf.net...the Pingu!!! endless jump...no stop!!!!...fake!!!!!!
the best site web...to try..." www.meph.eu.org/ "...Yes!

RAP01 18 200410:01AM

This morning Surprises!!!!!!....12083.4 after pingu!!!...15 minutes bounces at "korenwolf.net"...average score between...5316.5 to10072.1...least 248.9....Surprises!!!...Very...Yes!!!

RAP36 19 2004 2:36AM

2:28:hre. a.m...just did...12147.8...after 15 mtes. bounces!!!

Scuds38 19 200412:38PM

323.6 is my record... Have a screenshot of it too

Tori00 19 2004 1:00PM

longets was 1164.1
shortest was 56.7.

ketch08 20 200412:08AM

I just did 593.5 on my first day trying this silly little game, which seems to be the best (honest) time I've seen posted. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

paul24 20 2004 2:24AM

dude my best is 7.86 so buya you all suck butt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

paul34 20 2004 2:34AM

just saw tori's and 1164.1 is imposible+ just got 6.98

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