The Difference Between HaidaBucks and Starbucks  JAN 22 2004

The Difference Between HaidaBucks and Starbucks.

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Matt06 22 2004 6:06PM

The world's a better place than I thought.

Benjy38 22 2004 6:38PM

Maybe Mike Rowe can learn a thing or two from them!

Eric20 22 200411:20PM

talk about a publicity stunt. free advertising.

Donato36 23 200410:36AM

finally, a major corporate who sees the light and they drop the legal proceeedings!

julie39 23 200412:39PM

what that "differences" page doesn't tell you: haidabucks was previously using a sign (in addition to the two currently on their website) on the front of the store that was quite similar to the starbucks logo. when i saw it for the first time, i quickly changed my mind as to who was "right" in this case. that logo was obvious copyright infringement on the part of haidabucks. starbucks most certainly had the legal right to ask them to stop using it. (the similarity of their names, however, i don't believe should have been an issue.)

quote from a letter sent by starbucks lawyers, located at

"Specifically, we note from photos on your client's web site that it has removed the signage previously affixed to the front of its café which included elements of similarity with Starbucks registered logo design. We also note that your client does not display the former logo anywhere on its website and, in fact, seems to have adopted a new non-infringing logo."

haidabucks claims this is not true. if so, then my eyes deceived me!

this is a simple case of "things are not what they seem."

ctm346 23 2004 3:46PM

I remember seeing this sign as well, if anyone has a picture of it. Please email me.

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