The Timberwolves are tied for the lead  JAN 26 2004

The Timberwolves are tied for the lead in the Western Conference. They finally have a team that contend; Spree, Garnett, and Cassell work so well together.

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Rick11 26 200412:11PM

Still not enough to handle Duncan, Robinson and the Spurs. Oh wait Robinson retired, Guess they do have enough....I do hope they win, Garnett is long overdue for all he has done for that franchise.

Gene35 26 2004 4:35PM

I think KG deserves it too, but let's not forget that the Western Conference is slumping. Chris Webber, Shaq, Malone, Kobe have all been injured. Dallas is just starting to find some chemistry.

For once, the most exciting ball is happening in the east. Indiana is on a tear right now.

Cheapbastard39 26 2004 4:39PM

Speaking of Cassels, I got this trade in my fantasy league:

Vince Carter and Glenn Robinson for Sam Cassells

What do you guys think?

Rick58 26 2004 4:58PM

I would, Vince has more injuries that Shaq usually and Glen just isn't playing up to his normal status...

Barry03 27 200412:03PM

I remember the days of Pooh Richardson and seasons that consisted of 15 wins total....

Ian49 27 200411:49PM

Take the Cassell side, definitely. A no-brainer, odds are neither of the other two will even finish the season.

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