Sneak preview of Tiger, aka OS X 10.4  JUN 28 2004

Sneak preview of Tiger, aka OS X 10.4. Computer-wide search, dashboard widgets, task automation (woo!), smart folders (drool), and a new version of Safari with newsreading capabilities.

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Matt Gifford09 28 2004 4:09PM

I've been hoping for smart folders for years. So cool.

Jordan03 28 200411:03PM

What other cats do you think they'll use? Tabby? Bobcat? Leopard? (Setting up a joke for someone else)

jkottke38 28 200411:38PM

According to the Wikipedia entry on OS X, Cheetah, Puma, Jaguar, and Tiger have already been used and Apple has registered trademarks for Lynx, Cougar, and Leopard, which would bring them up to 10.7.

Runky Funky01 29 200410:01AM

What? No "Lion?" That's the king of the beasts man... but I suppose it doesn't sound exotic enough.
"Simba" is swahili for lion (has several other meanings too, actually), but can't go there I suppose.

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