Stephen King's Everything You Need to Know  AUG 24 2004

Stephen King's Everything You Need to Know About Writing Successfully - in Ten Minutes.

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stavrosthewonderchicken33 24 2004 8:33PM

The most amusing bit is how clearly it comes across that the person who offers the commentary at the end doesn't write very well.

jkottke08 24 2004 9:08PM

I noticed that as well. It was almost so obvious that I'm wondering if he wasn't doing it on purpose.

Jan Vanek jr.26 25 2004 9:26AM

"Our hyperrich storytelling friend" couldn't have been written but on purpose... I hope.
Though his sense of humour seems rather weird.

Gina59 25 2004 4:59PM

"...the only bad writer is one who doesn't get paid"? Not in my world.

I enjoyed King's book, On Writing, a lot more than this piece.

Natali47 25 2004 5:47PM

Harsh, but true IMO. Stephen King might not be my favorite writer, but he certainly knows exactly how to be successful in the trade.

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