The next season of Six Feet Under  NOV 06 2004

The next season of Six Feet Under will be its last season. This bums me out, but it's probably a good idea not to go too long.

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dowingba28 07 2004 2:28AM

RIP, Six Feet Under.

electricinca32 07 2004 7:32AM

The shocking finale to the fourth season has recently screened here in Britain. I love this series but I think it is right for it to come a natural conclusion rather than be dragged on past its prime.

Darin23 07 200411:23AM

Yeah, the finale was pretty unsettling. I, being a moron, didn't think to TiVo it. I still can't understand exactly what happened with Lisa and Hoyt. Did he kill her? Did Barb overhearing about the affair make him kill himself? Whatever.

Who killed Lisa?

Andy47 07 2004 1:47PM

about the s4 finale: Lisa and Hoyt had an affair, she ended it. They met for a last time, took pictures, and afterwards he either killed her, to keep the affair a secret, or she drowned - we'll probably never know for sure. Yet when Barb overheard him talking about the affair he blew his brains out, might be interpreted as an indicator for guilt.
The whole thing was very surreal especially the daughter planting the telltale photo in 'Stiff' and Nate going home to Maya and Brenda in blood-stained clothes.

about the show ending: It feels similar to The Sopranos ending their run after season 6 in 2006. With such ├╝ber-shows, superior to every other show on television, one would like them to go on forever.
In the case of SFU, I feel 5 seasons is just right. The show has been very introspective from the start, so if it went on to long, storylines would repeat themselves. The Claire line in season 4 felt like a stretch and didn't do much for the show except deliver some of the worst dialogue ever (Some scenes in 'Grinding the Corn' sounded like gonzo porn). Nate and David are finally in a somewhat happy place, after people had already critcized (especially after season 3) that the David-Keith and Nate-Brenda relationships were kept artificially tense by having them act out of character. So what's left for exploration is the two marriages falling apart because of madness (George) and stupidity (Rico), and the other two relationships evolving. Season 5 will, I hope, be great, but it would have also been okay if it had ended now.
Let's hope HBO can find a new great drama or develop Deadwood (why not) or Carnivale (unlikely) into standout shows. The likes of Lost and the Housewives are o.k., but they're still network tv and just don't quite cut it.

Curtis08 07 2004 3:08PM

I agree with Andy's analysis completely on SFU and I am impressed with Ball's integrity in reaching this decision. Might I suggest that more people should be watching "The Wire" if they're interested in excellent television? If you haven't watched it, buy or rent the season one DVD and get hooked.

ramanan32 08 200412:32AM

You know, some people who might want to watch this show may not want to know the nitty-gritty details of the season finale.

Eric Bostrom59 08 200411:59AM

ramanan, last season's finale aired on june 14th, 2004 i think it's safe for us to talk about it.

davidr20 08 2004 4:20PM

Not everybody who reads this weblog is in the US!

Eric Bostrom26 08 2004 7:26PM

Will the last person to see the finale please turn on the "Ok to discuss" light? I hear turkmenistan won't get season 4 till 2014.

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