A look at Jefferson Burdick's baseball card  SEP 15 2005

A look at Jefferson Burdick's baseball card collection which he donated the Met Museum in NYC. One downside to the collection: most of the cards are pasted into albums and so are in poor condition.

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Jason14 15 2005 9:14PM

There's also a good selection of older baseball cards on flickr. Terrapin, form sportsfilter, scanned his collection of his of older tobacco cards.

Geoff Litwack31 16 200512:31AM

I have a collection of images from the somewhat obscure 1887 Kalamazoo Bats card set, notable for its rarity and staged poses here.

jkottke25 16 2005 7:25AM

That's a great set, Geoff. Thanks for sharing it.

Mark Lamster32 16 200511:32AM

For the record, the Library of Congress has a wonderful collection of early cards, and it's digitized and online: http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/bbhtml/bbhome.html

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