Two Da Vincis long held in private  OCT 17 2005

Two Da Vincis long held in private collections to go on public display for the first time.

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MR59 17 200512:59PM

We should refer to the man as "Leonardo," because "Da Vinci" is not his surname. His works should similarly be called "Leonardos," although that sounds more like a pizza joint.

This is a common misconception, considerably more widespread because of that very popular book.

Tom Dolan59 17 2005 1:59PM

MR, beat me to it. Seeing his work called "Da Vinci's" is a serious pet peeve, and analogous to calling Jason of New York's work stuff by "Of New York" = meaningless.

Daldianus03 17 2005 2:03PM

The Maria Magdalene nude is quite a surprise!

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