Following the lead of the Six Word  OCT 25 2006

Following the lead of the Six Word Story group on Flickr and Caterina's prompt, Wired asked some prominent writers to pen their own six word stories. "Hemingway once wrote a story in just six words ('For sale: baby shoes, never worn.') and is said to have called it his best work." Got any good ones?

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Robert37 25 200612:37PM

Kottke meets maker, edits his posts.

gorckat49 25 200612:49PM

She used me. I stopped feeling.

Doug52 25 200612:52PM

Blog read, comment left. World unchanged.

fRedline53 25 200612:53PM

Snow fell, obscuring the toils of futility.

Dan Boland57 25 200612:57PM

My rapist was set free today.

pete05 25 2006 1:05PM

Doug's comment read, day made better.

pete06 25 2006 1:06PM

she left as he woke up.

Filip Salomonsson14 25 2006 1:14PM

Those six words changed her life.

Ryan Guill17 25 2006 1:17PM

six should be enough for anybody

the patriarch18 25 2006 1:18PM

Doc, it bleeds when I pee.

Ryan Guill19 25 2006 1:19PM

Classified: Seeking mute with trust-fund

sorry, couldn't help that one; the contents of this comment do not necessarily reflect the views of the author...

emily25 25 2006 1:25PM

We met in a phone booth.

dp25 25 2006 1:25PM

Easy to write tragic love stories.

narnia34 25 2006 1:34PM

Asking alot of your brother's lover.

Jake36 25 2006 1:36PM

Six word stories not for amateurs.

panoptican48 25 2006 1:48PM

Ubiquitous nothing assaulted my negative ego.

Trent53 25 2006 1:53PM

She sat alone in the rain.

Trent57 25 2006 1:57PM

Also, this one...

Golden ring, found under a dresser.

Ryan Guill01 25 2006 2:01PM

He could... but can't. Too risky.

grey10 25 2006 2:10PM

And then he realized the truth.

Kyle15 25 2006 2:15PM

Bedroom floor, used condom wasn't mine.

Mike L.17 25 2006 2:17PM

Started car, noticed samurai indicator. Shit.

aaron21 25 2006 2:21PM

What happens when I push this?

Joe Reskin22 25 2006 2:22PM

Then she said, "It's my stop."

lavonne25 25 2006 2:25PM

My alcoholic ex-husband died last week. [true story]

AnonymousCoward37 25 2006 2:37PM

I love ex-soulmate: pain still

Emotional cryptanalysis: breaking code,heart slowly.

Martin44 25 2006 2:44PM

Born. Love. Live. Learn. Die Decay.

benny49 25 2006 2:49PM

Let's pretend this never happened, sugar.

Jonathan52 25 2006 2:52PM

We eye the precipice—no return.

Jonathan53 25 2006 2:53PM

Within her cocoon, I was renewed.

mathew09 25 2006 3:09PM

some days just aren't worth it

Nonchalant Savant52 25 2006 3:52PM

My math deficiency has always plagued me.

Dan52 25 2006 3:52PM

my first time was really great

Dan56 25 2006 3:56PM

microsoft needs to get a clue

ardy04 25 2006 4:04PM

they eloped, then fell in love.

Ajit15 25 2006 4:15PM

It was then did I realize...

Dan41 25 2006 4:41PM

What happens after we pass away?

A child was born in Bethlehem.

Pain in my chest!? Ugh. [Thump]

She smiles so bright. Feels warm.

Input fifty cents output Mountain Dew.

Priest, rabbi, dog enter. Laughter ensues.

Scott52 25 2006 4:52PM

She broke my heart. I lived.

SuperJdynamite03 25 2006 5:03PM

Me green angry. Stupid gamma rays!

Bob.10 25 2006 5:10PM

Who's hand is that? Oh. Mine.

Mole32 25 2006 5:32PM

Fuck! That was not the plan!

Matt08 25 2006 6:08PM

It all stopped when I died.

Jo Di Magio41 25 2006 6:41PM

Be lame, be stupid, be American.

dmac05 25 2006 8:05PM

Game winning touchdown wins football game.

Mal41 25 2006 8:41PM

If only I had known earlier.

I always watch at a distance.

Julian02 25 2006 9:02PM

New rule: Six word comment limit!

Colin K44 25 200610:44PM

Hey guys, watch this! Aaaaaaaarrrrggghhh..... (thump).

Colin K45 25 200610:45PM

Kottke buys moleskine. Weeps from happiness.

clarence rosario00 26 2006 9:00PM

Writer's block sucks: I got nothin'.

michael03 27 2006 4:03AM

feeling needed was better than surviving.

Tony56 27 2006 6:56AM

He fell alone. I stood silent.

Shawn Lea38 28 200611:38PM

Cow died. STOP. Come home. STOP

She should never have married him.

Everything and nothing - it's all there.

He asked for his key back.

Gary said, "Have a good trip."

Second City. Second marriage. Second mortgage.

The snow falled lightly on cedars.

"It's good to see you...really."

casey48 28 200611:48PM

What's that blue thing doing here?

Thiyagaraj36 03 2006 4:36AM

I have the emperor's new clothes! :-P

Sue43 03 2006 6:43AM

Happiness all-over me. Smiles come flying.

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