BREAKING NEWS!!! The newest version of Desktop  JUN 22 2007

BREAKING NEWS!!! The newest version of Desktop Tower Defense is out. My afternoon (and yours) is shot.

Update: New features include new Fun modes (Trickle- 1 creep per second, Random creeps), new Challenge mode (15 towers max). I'm on the scene, more as I have it.

Update: One new tower: ink tower, which has a minimum and maximum range and one new creep, a dark creep which I don't yet know how to kill (it seems to repel a lot of different attacks). My initial impression is that a lot of the changes make the game more complex but not necessarily more fun to play. Much more research is clearly warranted.

Update: It's also got in-game advertising...the little "K"s on some of the creeps refer to, a sponsor of the game. Blech. (Or maybe it's good that you can shoot advertisements?)

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