A list of the leaked names from  DEC 13 2007

A list of the leaked names from the Mitchell Report of MLB players that allegedly used steroids. The official Mitchell Report is here...many of the names on the preliminary list are missing. Any surprises here? Disappointments?

Update: Deadspin has the official list.

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Dale Cruse46 13 2007 1:46PM

Andy Pettitte is a huge surprise to me.

And Bostonians are going to be very upset about Jason Varitek.

mattbucher47 13 2007 1:47PM

I'm surprised that David Ortiz isn't on the list. Pujols is a surprised. Maybe Mark Prior and Kerry Wood, too.

widget47 13 2007 1:47PM

they can't ban McGwire, Sosa from the HOF now without banning some of the most dominant players of the past 15 years. Sad day, but hopefully it's the kick in the arse baseball needs to get serious about performance enhancements. And God willing it will lead to Selig's resignation.

Phil Hull48 13 2007 1:48PM

My first reaction is to wait and see. It doesn't specifiy if this list mixes those who used anabolic steroids and those who used growth hormone or testosterone. We'll find out the details in a few minutes.

I would like to see the evidence for some of the names that have never been linked to the investigation before, especially guys like Veritek, Damon, and Pujols

crazymonk50 13 2007 1:50PM

Not sad about Trot Nixon, Nomar, and Clemens anymore, but Tek?!!! Way to shit on 2004 and 2007.

Bob.52 13 2007 1:52PM

Mo Vaughn is the most surprising (and disappointing) for me... I always just thought he was a fatty and didn't need to juice.

TheBusiness52 13 2007 1:52PM

Clemens is no surprise. Remarkable career duration and an equally remarkable late career resurrection.

Not to mention the sheer change in his body size...

mattbucher59 13 2007 1:59PM

I have a feeling that Sheffield and Pudge Rodriguez will continue to deny it.

I'm sad about Neifi Perez being listed (if this list is true). He's a small scrawny scrappy guy and I'd never associate him with roids. Maybe he was just trying to recover from an injury faster.

Brian05 13 2007 2:05PM

I think it's important to note that the list is not a list of test results, but a list of names that are implicated by eyewitness accounts of use or SPECULATION of use.

Kyle18 13 2007 2:18PM

That turns out to be a false list--the official report is on the mlb website, with lots of differences (Varitek, Trot Nixon, and Nomar aren't on it)

mattbucher20 13 2007 2:20PM

Pujols, Wood, Prior, Neifi, and Mondesi are also not named in the report. Whoever leaked those names was trying to defame some characters

RP32 13 2007 2:32PM

I found a list of all the players names unveiled in the MLB Mitchell Report (its a little better than this one):

Some big names! Bonds, Clemens, McGwire, Prior, Belle, Raph....

baseball dude36 13 2007 2:36PM

Yeah this list is crazy... I saw one that differed a bit at Mitchell Report List

mattbucher45 13 2007 2:45PM

This guy Radomski is the linchpin!
Lots of former Yankees named: Clemens, Pettitte, Knoblauch, Mike Stanton, Kevin Brown, Rondell White, David Justice, Glenallen Hill, Denny Neagle, Ron Villone....

jaypee51 13 2007 2:51PM

no ryan klesko? no javy lopez? come on!!!!!

crazymonk01 13 2007 3:01PM

I take it back, Varitek. 2004 and 2007 still stand, for now.

Matt11 13 2007 3:11PM

Everyone in baseball was a user. If a player was not a user, he did not do everything in his power to be the best. Give it up and move on.

Dann Ryan18 13 2007 3:18PM

Jose Canseco... didn't see that one coming.

Also, Kyle Farnsworth... how is it he still manages to suck so much?

Kiran30 13 2007 3:30PM

I'm sure numerous other players used steroids, but sufficient evidence was not there to put them on the list. Basically, these guys were smart enough to obtain steroids through other means. So do I think there are 100-200+ players who are not on the list who are steroid abusers? Heck yes. So advice for anyone who are avid followers of kottke.org, please, please, get your steroids via other means. Don't be an idiot like Clemens, who was dumb enough to get steroids through another employee of MLB, like a trainer or another player. Simply, it woud be enormously difficult to get the "real" list given the leverage the players have, and their refusing to talk to Mitchell.

Matt Davis20 13 2007 4:20PM

Everyone needs to stop talking about Pujols. He IS NOT on the list.

Ryan Guill09 14 2007 8:09AM

I am really struggling to decide whether I think this is a bad thing or not. I mean assuming the report is true and all of these guys like clemens really did use these drugs, how is that different really from someone staying in the gym forever or eating the right kinds of foods? It is just a way to get a competative advantage, and I really don't begrudge them that. And considering that they were willing to do this knowing the potentially harmful health effects, I would think that would be judgement enough. It still takes skill to play the game, all these drugs really can do for you is let you hit the ball harder or throw it faster. You still have to have skill.

Now this may just be my own ignorance, but are these drugs such as HGH and the steroids these guys are taking illegal by law or only by the rules of the MLB or unions? If only the latter, these guys didn't enforce these rules to any extent, which is why we have this report today.

I guess more than anything though, I just hope they can find proof of these guys wrongdoing before banishing their records or putting asterisks next to their names. A much greater crime IMO would be to tarnish their legacies without hard evidence of a crime being committed. This whole thing just smacks of McCarthyism if you ask me.

Like I said, I still don't really know how I feel about this if its true, but if I go to the ballpark, I want to see a homerun or a strikeout no matter which team. I don't really care how they do it...

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