Anyone in a coining mood? If one  DEC 18 2007

Anyone in a coining mood? If one doesn't already exist, there needs to be a term for writing a blog comment or Twitter update, thinking better of it, and then discarding it by closing the browser tab without clicking "Post". As in: "Jason, I would have responded to this post in the comments, but I ________ it instead." Any ideas?

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Ryan45 18 2007 1:45PM

Sounds like you "backed out" to me. Not a new word, but we don't always need new words.

Steve Ivy46 18 2007 1:46PM

Perhaps "abandoned"?

dennis46 18 2007 1:46PM


Michael Plante47 18 2007 1:47PM


From my time working in restaurants as a server and as a waiter, the term "eighty-six" is what we would use to cancel something.

As in, " Hey eighty six that order of ribs, the customer wants a steak instead."

Further bolstering of the 86 cause.

Bill47 18 2007 1:47PM

The word that popped in my head was popped (as in balloon)

Michael Plante47 18 2007 1:47PM


From my time working in restaurants as a server and as a waiter, the term "eighty-six" is what we would use to cancel something.

As in, " Hey eighty six that order of ribs, the customer wants a steak instead."

Further bolstering of the 86 cause.

Also this.

Samuel49 18 2007 1:49PM

"Shrugged" came to mind. As in, "How do I feel about this post? *shrug*"

Doesn't really apply to posts abandoned because one thought better, as opposed to abandoning over apathy. So we'd need another name for that, perhaps.


Leo Kennis49 18 2007 1:49PM


Ted51 18 2007 1:51PM


john weeks51 18 2007 1:51PM

I like de-sponded!

How bout "fragged" To kill one of your own.

William Safire52 18 2007 1:52PM

Simple enough - "clabbed" as in "close-tabbed". Rhymes with crabbed.

scott53 18 2007 1:53PM

pizza upskirt?

Doug53 18 2007 1:53PM

"Jason, I would have responded to this post in the comments, but I shrat it instead."

shredded + shit = shrit

john weeks54 18 2007 1:54PM

commit commenticide.

Scott54 18 2007 1:54PM

Postus interruptus?

Eamon55 18 2007 1:55PM

"Effoured". As in Alt+F4, for Windows folks. Alternately, "Kit-wubbed" for Ctrl+W.

Derek55 18 2007 1:55PM

I've always used "exed." "Ah crap, I exed it."

ben55 18 2007 1:55PM

i guess "defenestrated" only works on a PC. . .

Justin Watt55 18 2007 1:55PM

Ctrl-W'ed it? Nuked it?

p.s. Jason, when I press Tab in the URL box to toggle to the "Post comments" button, the page jumps up to the top...

Erik55 18 2007 1:55PM

Clorked. click + bork

"Jason, I would have responded to this post in the comments, but I clorked it instead."

Michael Sippey57 18 2007 1:57PM

I would have posted my new coinage, but then thought better of it. (Thank you, I'll be here all week.)

Percy01 18 2007 2:01PM

I thought of "nuked" first and then "trashed" but the focus is on the fact that the comment or update goes into a digital black hole. Maybe "suctioned" or "vaccumed" would work better. I'd better stop now and post this comment.

Ken01 18 2007 2:01PM

"cwop" (closed without posting). "I was going to comment but I cwopped out instead."

Jennifer01 18 2007 2:01PM

Bilked. It's a real word, but possibly appropriate. You cheat someone out of your words, assuming that it won't be appropriate or others won't be interested. If that's not the case, an alternate definition applies, as you evade or escape from writing something potentially meh.

ann01 18 2007 2:01PM

...but I bleeped it...

it's gone

Marcus Frödin02 18 2007 2:02PM

Easy: Pop! As in: "I was gonna write you a comment, but i popped it. Understandable by nerds and gangster alike.

Adam Lisagor02 18 2007 2:02PM

Dry heaved.

I was going to say 'pizza upskirt' but somebody named scott beat me to it.

zan02 18 2007 2:02PM

I, like Derek above, have always said "I exed it." But I'm warming to "de-sponded"...

Karl02 18 2007 2:02PM

I like de-sponded as well, but my contribution is "cansed" (combo of cancel and closed).

John Harrington03 18 2007 2:03PM

It sounds like you "squibbed" it.

Dean03 18 2007 2:03PM

I was initially going to suggest "depost" or "unpost", but that made me think of "compost", which is intriguing because of the connotation that the original post was garbage so you're going to recycle it. :-) It would probably only work if you used the verb "post" earlier in the sentence, as in "I was going to post an angry reply, but decided to compost it instead." On second thought, it might just be confusing...

Lance Willett04 18 2007 2:04PM

+ 1 for "nuked"

You could also combine "blog" and "nuke" to make bluked. Another variation would be "click" plus "nuke" to get cluked (similar to Erik's "clorked").

Eric Goebelbecker04 18 2007 2:04PM

"disposted" ?

Joe04 18 2007 2:04PM

blue-balled it

pthimon05 18 2007 2:05PM

Doesn't "scrapped" cover it?

Or maybe "snubbed", just because it sounds good.

michael10 18 2007 2:10PM


as in a check-swing in baseball

ScottX11 18 2007 2:11PM

I always tell myself I'm tabling the motion/post/tweet.

scragz14 18 2007 2:14PM

Desponded FTW.

Stefan Hayden14 18 2007 2:14PM

I feel like the term will be able to ring more true if we think less of the action needed (closing the tab) and more on what you are really trying to accomplish along with how this differers from the real world.

I like to think these comments / posts would have been things we *would* have said if we were face to face and then wished we could take back to save our selves embarrassment.

With the wonder of the internet we get to type it out and then think about it to see if it's too mean or not helpful.

With the ideas of embarrassment and wanting to quietly pass on I think perhaps the idea of suicide maps to what you are trying to do. Which gives us this:

"Jason, I would have responded to this post in the comments, but I decided to commit commentcide instead."

but perhaps it's not catchy enough.

Boaz15 18 2007 2:15PM

"chicken out"? usually that's why you discard a comment after typing, as you found it not worth while, redundant, or meaningless... all in your head out of fear.

Pete17 18 2007 2:17PM

I defragulated it...

Chris20 18 2007 2:20PM

I nearly "mucked" this idea.

ryan22 18 2007 2:22PM


Lex Friedman24 18 2007 2:24PM

I vote for "W'd." Pronounced, "Double-you'd." Referencing the key-command to close the window.

gwint25 18 2007 2:25PM

Did you comment? I was going to, but decided to commain't instead.

brock29 18 2007 2:29PM

slog - slogged - slogging

Josh31 18 2007 2:31PM

"Pulled out"

As can figure it out.

Russ32 18 2007 2:32PM

"Blerg", a la 30 Rock.

aliotsy32 18 2007 2:32PM

"DNS'ed", as in "Did Not Save".

Of course, "DNS" is already a well-known web acronym, so perhaps "DNP'ed" could be used instead ("Did Not Post").

reviewstew35 18 2007 2:35PM

I second "cwopped" - has vague connotation of "copped out" in my mind too.

Cade Roux36 18 2007 2:36PM


Russ37 18 2007 2:37PM

The thinking on "blerg" would be that you're either not expressing yourself as you wanted (prompting a frustrated exclamation), the initial impetus left you (a deflated, resigned utterance), or time isn't available (a flustered, harried cry), for any of which Tina Fey would say "blerg".

Josh39 18 2007 2:39PM

How about a conflation of toss and post?

I'll leave the spelling up to you but I'd pronounce it "toast."

philco42 18 2007 2:42PM

retracted it.
toasted it.
closeted it.
swatted it.
twatted it.
kicked it.
got over it.
threw up a little in my mouth.

lapalam42 18 2007 2:42PM


paulski.mcb42 18 2007 2:42PM


Mike46 18 2007 2:46PM

"resisted it". As in, did not submit (get it?) :-)

Hillary47 18 2007 2:47PM

hahaha -- I was going to post a reply, but then i got over it...

dan54 18 2007 2:54PM

I agree with "chickened out"

Camilo00 18 2007 3:00PM

You want it to be a known verb, in English perhaps, regular, so it can be easily conjugated in the passive voice, and used with the 'ed suffix. Also, you need something that plays well with the LOLcats syntax.

I had a comment, but I ated it.

travis01 18 2007 3:01PM

It might be Twitter-specific, but you could have "twix'd" it.

Twitter + nix'd = twix'd

Guy02 18 2007 3:02PM

... but I "nahed"

As in do I really want to post this? Nah.

Although I like cwoped it to.

TMQ04 18 2007 3:04PM

Dinged it.

B. Robert06 18 2007 3:06PM

Dispost, Disposted.

April10 18 2007 3:10PM

If you closed out a page, you X-ed. Nothing needs to be made up, its already being used.

Lenny20 18 2007 3:20PM

"I composed a Twitter post as I was sneaking into Disney World after hours, but thought better and flushed it."

PJ24 18 2007 3:24PM


Niall25 18 2007 3:25PM


Dustin26 18 2007 3:26PM

Think of all the self-referential jokes that were about to be submitted

Greg34 18 2007 3:34PM

Maybe you banished it to Tumbolia?

Unsure how that should be verb'd, though.

spizz35 18 2007 3:35PM


ac35 18 2007 3:35PM

firewalled it

Mark Jaquith42 18 2007 3:42PM

had a near-post experience.
passted (passed + posted).

TarikB42 18 2007 3:42PM

Deposted - It just feels like it was meant to be a word.

tes43 18 2007 3:43PM

distabbed it.

William Dunn49 18 2007 3:49PM

er, what's wrong with the perfectly descriptive journalistic slang: "spike?"

As in: "I would have responded to this post in the comments, but I spiked it instead

fourstar50 18 2007 3:50PM

"twattered" (as opposed to Twittered...)

Dan Dickinson50 18 2007 3:50PM


Non-comment, no-comment, nom nom nom - it works on multiple levels.

David Allen06 18 2007 4:06PM

I think scuttled has a nice ring to it

Sterling Camden16 18 2007 4:16PM

Since the action is one of a completed form not being submitted, perhaps:


I often go long-hand and say that I "prevented a premature e-joculation"

Jeremy21 18 2007 4:21PM

In true sniglet fashion, I like flosted (flow-sted, FLushed and pOSTED).

As for non-sniglet orientation, I like the non-word dissed, or, as already mentioned, the word flushed. They both roll off the tongue in a harsh way that connotes destruction. Plus they're well-known enough to impart the proper contextual clues for the uninitiated.

spizz21 18 2007 4:21PM

maybe twished

pauldwaite28 18 2007 4:28PM

I like “effoured”. I’d change "kit-wubbed" to “kwubbed”.

I really like “I ated it”. ’Cos it sounds a bit like “I 8ed it”, bringing in 86.

Matt Williams42 18 2007 4:42PM

Seems there should also be a word for the communication happening to alert you that the original communication was *unposted*(?).

Nothing comes to mind yet though.

progosk44 18 2007 4:44PM

no one else for "preleted"?
"deposted" then, i guess.

Tim46 18 2007 4:46PM


Boggle + waffle = boffle.

"Jason, I would have responded to this post in the comments, but I boffled."

Boggle: to hesitate or shy away.

Waffle: to change one's mind.

Ron K Jeffries49 18 2007 4:49PM

"Pulled out" comes to mind.

DH.56 18 2007 4:56PM

I was thinking of "nah" as well, but I mashed it with comment to make:

"I would have responded to this post in the comments, but I nahmented it instead."

Sounds like Cliff Claven from Cheers.

(oops, it's like "nommented" above. I almost nahmented this post, but that seems too self-referential.)

TheBrad06 18 2007 5:06PM

I say "composted".

laura24 18 2007 5:24PM

I like preleted!

I also like compost as it has "post" and the "com" for comment. total double entendre with that one.

pb37 18 2007 5:37PM


Jason I was going to respond but dotdotdot

Antonia Clevedon40 18 2007 5:40PM

second spike

otherwise - hawk.

The issue is in discussing something that doesn't exist - the post or comment - and thus one discusses the act. Perhaps 'I wilted' does it.

IQpierce06 18 2007 6:06PM


Fan of Biber07 18 2007 6:07PM

I liked this one, but what about...


Nancy18 18 2007 6:18PM

Compost is good, you'll probably recycle your idea at a later time anyway.

86'd is understandable and fewer key strokes.

I like fragged best because even though it was not posted the idea remains.......

spiderpez36 18 2007 6:36PM

yeah, desponded...that's the one!

Eric Grondorf15 18 2007 7:15PM


bingibergs45 18 2007 7:45PM


John Lampard57 18 2007 7:57PM

er... I was going to comment but I shot the bird instead.

iain14 18 2007 8:14PM

Guys, this isn't hard: nixed

Matt01 18 200710:01PM

Like cwopped too - deplied? - similar to desponded. I guess there's two reasons you don't send...

1. Chickening out on the grounds the wording is too strong (cwopped)
2. Chickening out on the grounds the message isn't applicable any more (deplied)

Just trying to get more mileage out of the commaint :-)

josh34 18 200710:34PM

I like preleted.

or: discomposed, stabbed, imploded, blinked, clabbed, deposted, vanished, etherized.

zoe40 18 200710:40PM

I like desponded, deplied, clabbed, preleted, and boffled.

Phil Oye41 18 200710:41PM

I like "nulled", as in dev/null.

luminux43 18 200710:43PM

I think Boffled and Cwopped are the strongest so far

Adam Rice17 18 200711:17PM

I like "desponded" too, but the first thing that came to my mind was "detweeted."

Dan Bruno40 18 200711:40PM

I like "ate" or "swallowed."

Ben Tremblay42 18 200711:42PM


"I really wanted someone to read my comment but at the last moment I choked and frabbed it."

Matt55 18 200711:55PM

I may have also noplied on some occasions

Ben Tremblay15 19 200712:15AM

*Twitter makes me run my mouth!*

Gotta admit admit that "CWOPped out" is sweet.
But "I nommented ..." has a certain zing to it.


Erin Pettigrew27 19 200712:27AM

I like 'prelete' for brevity and 'recontwittered' for amusement.

Jeff Koke56 19 200712:56AM

The proper term is "bail" and I can't believe no one has suggested it yet. Of course that means you would have to "post bail" if you reconsidered a post. So maybe not...

Edward Vielmetti22 19 2007 1:22AM

"sent it on a postcard"

The Pageman41 19 2007 1:41AM

defenesTWITTED from defenestrate (throw out the window, albeit virtually) + TWITTER :)

yogi-one06 19 2007 2:06AM

I still like "hosed".

"Composted" is good too.

But there's nothing like that satisfying feeling of saying "I hosed that sucker!"

richard19 19 2007 3:19AM

"thought better of"

Timo Stamm15 19 2007 5:15AM

If you are really looking for a practical solution, just say »I have cancelled the post«.

It is a very common term in computer applications, and it's applicable in this case. Creating a new word would raise much more questions than it would answer.

Dave24 19 2007 5:24AM

"Jason, I would have responded to this post in the comments, but I fork'd it it instead."

I always seem to half write a reply/comment and then think "f* it, can't be arsed"

WilliamG50 19 2007 5:50AM

I made you a coinage, but I send it to the digital bit reservoir in the skies instead.

Seriously, I like 'committed commenticide', but I think that 'nahed' would work in an international context as well, and is more ambiguous as it doesn't refer to posts, comments, twitters, etc.

Pål Bråtelund16 19 2007 8:16AM

"... but I throsted it". Trash + Post

Sarah Sunshine16 19 2007 9:16AM

I would have answered at once…but I was on a hell of a toot and I seldom attend to anything but hoof her up when I am that way.

Buffalo Bill
in a letter to Jack Crawford

I found this, following a link from metafilter, right after reading your post, at

Marco53 19 2007 9:53AM

recontwittered is my favorite
redacted, non?

N37 19 200710:37AM

Nix Nix Nixed it.

Alex46 19 200710:46AM


This etymology is this: in Firefox, and possibly Opera, the gesture 'down and then right' closes the current tab. But downright was already taken as an adjective and downrighted sounded illiterate so, with 'write-down' and 'underwrite' in mind, it changed to...downwrote.

Sulee54 19 200711:54AM

Best suggestions herein:


Karen17 19 200712:17PM

A message board that I post on uses the term RTI "Returned to Index" because we have a nifty link at the top that returns us to the index page of the board.

Sulee18 19 200712:18PM


nex39 19 200712:39PM

The "fill in the blank" template requests a transitive verb, but I have a feeling that an intransitive one would be neater. E.g.: "Did you leave a comment by that inane post?" -- "Not quite, I nonplied."

Alternatives to nonply, in the spirit of brainstorming:

I stop here -- I'm having more ideas, but they aren't getting any better. To nonply is still my favourite. Maybe it would be somewhat witty to make a new intransitive verb by taking one that, so far, only exists in a transitive form? Marco's suggestion, redact, would be a possibility here. "I was on the verge of calling bullshit, but redacted." This can also work exactly the other way around, e.g. Samuel's suggestion, "I shrugged it." Or: "I faltered it." Hmm, well, according to MW, "to falter sth." already exists and means, "to utter hesitatingly or brokenly" -- close enough!

And then of course we could also make up or adopt a noun. Commentus interruptus? Foreclosure? Bailiwick? The corresponding noun to that last one would of course be, "to bailiwicks", and someone who bailiwickses would be a bailiwickser.

Jared Olilphint33 19 2007 2:33PM

I like "flog". although I'm not sure why. Sure it has another meaning, but that has never stopped the English language.

Jenguin33 19 2007 2:33PM

I third (or fourth.. or whatevered- I didn't read all the posts) "cwopped"
I cwop all the time.

Kaleberg57 19 2007 7:57PM

Trashed is good, but perhaps the old dueling term, delope, might be useful. (It means to fire harmlessly having been missed by your opponent's shot).

Officer17 20 2007 1:17AM

skipped or muted

censored, withdrawn or retreated

these are certainly not new, but clear

tim shey27 20 200710:27AM

How about, "wrote a reply but deadlettered it instead"?

I always liked the term dead letter drop, and it sounds just enough like "deleted" and "twittered."

tim shey35 20 200710:35AM

Sorry, meant "dead letter office," where unread mail piles up and is destroyed. Dead letter drops are a spy thing, but just as interesting.

janelle26 20 2007 1:26PM

i'm with sulee, i was going to suggest 'abort'. (forget the connotations, it's time to take the verbage back! for the people!)

i, squub45 20 2007 3:45PM

I'm with "deadlettered" up there, cuz that's what I came up with too. Did a search and saw I'd been beaten to the punch, so my vote's on that.

squirrelian05 20 200711:05PM

Sorry late to the party but I'd like to nominate "pretracted" if I could. I think "aborted" works well, but it seems as if the assumed resistance to widespread adoption would be kind of self-defeating, wouldn't it?

kevin54 25 2007 1:54PM


Jough Dempsey51 26 200711:51AM

"I was going to reply to your post, but I recontwittered it."

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