Around All-Star time a couple of weeks  FEB 29 2008

Around All-Star time a couple of weeks ago, Nike released a shoe called the Nike Trash Talk, "the first Nike performance basketball sneaker completely produced from manufacturing waste". The shoe, worn by Steve Nash in a recent game, looks a bit like Frankenstein's monster with all the exposed stitching; it's a beautiful shoe and I want a pair. The problem is that it's one of those limited edition deals...which means they're already all sold out and sitting on the shelves of sneaker collectors next to hundreds of other boxes of shoes that will never be worn. I looked on eBay and found two pair but not in my size. What are my chances of getting a pair of these at approximately retail price? I'm not looking for a collectors item...I just want to wear them!

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Robert C.08 29 200811:08AM

The article says the Suns version of the shoe will be available at the House of Hoops in NYC on April 22. I imagine you'd have to go there and stand in line, but that seems perfectly doable.

Unless you really had your heart set on the All Star version. I imagine those are sold out. But if you like the Suns version, and are willing to go to the store on 4/22, your chances of success are very good.

Matt Jacobs25 29 200811:25AM

Yeah, what Robert said. I would also keep my eye on Flight Club and Pick Your Shoes. The shoes haven't appeared on either site yet and they tend to be a touch over market price, but it's a lot easier than bidding against folks on eBay. Also, both these sites do a good job of weeding out fakes, which can be a big problem in auctions.

Shane27 29 200811:27AM

I like that shoe. I would buy it, especially knowing the use of manufacturing waste.

Andrew Kueneman38 29 200811:38AM

I just found out that nike designers refer to the swoosh as the "Swooshstika"

Josh55 29 200811:55AM

You don't have any connections Jason. You're a powerful blogger. haha.

They do look kind of sweet and i like the idea of reusing the scraps fallen to the floor. They look well made, but its gotta be extra labor to make these. I wonder how much more.

Good luck on finding a pair though

judson 49 29 2008 1:49PM

I like that shoe. I would buy it, even if it was a knockoff.

Alan59 29 2008 1:59PM

Why does Nike want to make recycling a flash-in-the-pan trend? They should make all their shoes from reused scraps, or some smaller company should make that their big focus and they'll be huge.

E58 29 2008 2:58PM

Went to House of Hoops, and tried them out, and was almost set to get them... but aesthetically, they weren't for me. In photos they look great, but what you miss is how glossy the lower half of the shoe is, which just isn't my cup of tea. I prefer matte.

The version I saw had red accents, while the all-star version was gold + blue. I'd be interested to see the Phoenix Suns one, but again, if it's glossy, I'm not getting it.

In the store I did discover some nice Converse shoes, matte black with simple white and red accents, and a red outsole. I got those.

While I love the idea of Trash Talk, they just don't look good to me.

Kent56 01 200810:56AM

There's a ton of potential here including clothes made of trash. One entrepreneur has already picked up on the idea and started a clothes line,

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