Dave Eggers interviewed  APR 17 2009

Wag's Revue interviewed Dave Eggers about What is the What and some other things.

We're pluralists at McSweeney's. We publish anything of great quality, whether that's experimental or very traditional or somewhere in between. There is and should always be room for all approaches to writing, and whenever anyone closes the door on one -- by saying, for example, that experimentation might someday "exhaust itself" (not to put you on the hotseat), it's very saddening. And of course it ignores the entire history of all art in every form ,which is a history of constant innovation, experimentation and evolution. The person who says "Enough innovation, let's stick with what we have and never change" is pretty much the sworn enemy of all art. Not to overstate it, of course.

While you're there, gape at the odd choice of JPGs for pages instead of, you know, HTML. (via fimoculous)

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