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The Wes Anderson Collection: The Motion PictureOct 17 2013

Matt Zoller Seitz is doing a video essay series based on his new book, The Wes Anderson Collection. The first two installments, on Bottle Rocket and Rushmore, are already up:

I love what he says about Rushmore:

There are few perfect movies. This is one of them.

The book and video essays came about because Anderson saw Seitz's earlier video essay series, The Substance of Style, an examination of Anderson's stylistic influences. Great resource for fans of Anderson and film.

Wes Anderson interviewDec 10 2008

On the occasion of the upcoming Criterion release of Bottle Rocket on Blu-ray, the AV Club interviewed Wes Anderson. I love this bit about working with Gene Hackman.

But Gene, I don't think loves being directed in the first place, and I had a lot of particular ideas for the way some things were to be done. He just wasn't getting a huge kick out of it -- but I don't know that he ever does. The main thing is that everything he was doing was great. Even though he can be belligerent, there's a lot of emotion there. I was always excited to be working with him, even when I was a little scared of him, just because this character that I'd spent so much time working on and was so invested in was being brought to life -- not only in all the ways that I'd wanted, but something quite beyond.

Dignan's notebookSep 17 2008

Dignan's 75-year plan from the movie Bottle Rocket.

E. Develop outside interests
  a. Travel
  b. Art
  c. Science

(thx, tommy)

Bottle Rocket, The Criterion CollectionAug 18 2008

Bottle Rocket, Wes Anderson's first film, is getting the Criterion treatment in both DVD and Blu-ray formats. Lovely cover. (via goldenfiddle)

Here's the original 13-minute version of WesMay 10 2006

Here's the original 13-minute version of Wes Anderson's Bottle Rocket. (thx, janelle)

Dressed as their favorite characters from a Wes Anderson movieApr 19 2005

Dressed as their favorite characters from a Wes Anderson movie.

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