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Line Rider McDonald's commercialJun 06 2008

Whoa, a TV commercial for McDonald's that features Line Rider. (via waxy)

Ok, this is the last one ofMar 25 2008

Ok, this is the last one of these, I promise. This is the most elaborate Line Rider track ever created. Dear god, how much time did that take to make?

Trailer for an amazing-looking game called CrayonFeb 28 2008

Trailer for an amazing-looking game called Crayon Physics Deluxe; it's part Line Rider, part The Incredible Machine. Deluxe is a sequel to the more rudimentary Crayon Physics (sadly, PC-only). (via clusterflock)

The Line Rider version of the firstMay 23 2007

The Line Rider version of the first level of Super Mario Bros...in case you need to know what having way too much time on your hands looks like.

Forget all the other Line Rider videosFeb 14 2007

Forget all the other Line Rider videos you've seen previously. They all suck in comparison to the mastery of this one. Beautiful. (thx, this is narnia)

A California game company purchased the rightsJan 08 2007

A California game company purchased the rights to Line Rider and plans to release versions of the game for the Nintendo Wii and DS. (thx, selena)

Ikea instructions for making Dick in the BoxDec 22 2006

Last Saturday, Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg collaborated on a music video for a new holiday gift idea: Dick in the Box. If you haven't seen the video yet, go now and then come back...it's pretty funny and you won't understand the rest of this if you haven't seen it. So go!

You back? So, my favorite part of the song is the instructions and yesterday while we were alternating between watching the video like 50 times and assembling some IKEA furniture for the office, I had the obvious idea. Ikea instructions for making Dick in a Box:

Ikea Dick In The Box CoverIkea Dick In The Box, Step 1Ikea Dick In The Box, Step 2Ikea Dick In The Box, Step 3

More Dick in a Box: Mr. and Mrs. Potatohead version, Line Rider version, some guy dancing in his living room with a box fastened to his crotch with a belt version, and a this is either brilliant or completely stupid (DURRR! DURRR!) video response.

Line RiderOct 26 2006

Line Rider is not quite a game but not quite a toy or drawing tool either. But judging by the 6,000,000 views its gotten since it was posted a month ago, Line Rider certainly is compelling. I don't even like playing it all that much, but I spent a solid hour a few weeks ago watching videos of other people's tracks on YouTube; it's just so fascinating to see how much can be done with simple lines and rules. Here's one of the better tracks I've seen (c/o clusterflock). This little non-game has even shown up in Time magazine. Go, little Line Rider, go.

Update: A new version of Line Rider is to be released soon. New features will include an eraser, new types of lines, line snapping, etc.

If you're looking to record your Line Rider creation and post it to YouTube, you can use CamStudio (Win), Super Screen Recorder (Win), oRipa Screen Recorder (Win), Screen Movie Recorder (Mac), iShowU (Mac), Snapz Pro (Mac), and ScreenRecord (Mac).

For information on how to play Line Rider more effectively, check out the Line Rider Forums.

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