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Suck's net.mogulsOct 25 2011

Blast from the past...internet luminary trading cards from Suck.com, circa 1997.


Also, frames! (via mlkshk)

A suck.com reunionNov 09 2010

Proposed SXSW panel: a suck.com reunion organized by Ana Marie Cox, aka Ann O'Tate.

While its sarcasm traits set Suck apart from the great majority of (painfully earnest) West Coast-based technology "ezines", Suck's lasting legacy is only partially based on the words it contained. Rather, Suck changed forever the way people think about writing for the web -- they perfected, if not invented, the practice of embedding links not as explanatory reference points but as commentary in and of themselves. Suck imploded rather unspectacularly, but its journey offers lessons: From purchase by a deep-pocket media company (Wired) to a quick-hit book project, to its ultimately deadly jump into crowd-generated content. Is that a cycle most indie projects are doomed to complete? For a publication devoted to debunking Panglossian outlooks on the mediasphere, a shocking number of Suck alumni have turned up, closing on two decades later, as influential, even aspirational, figures in their own right, with careers based on bridging the still-extant (if narrowing) gap between old and new media.

As I told a friend a few months ago, if someone launched a site with Suck's voice and spirit today, it would *kill*. (The Awl comes pretty close.)

Walter Miller's Home pageOct 27 2009

Classic Geocities site: Walter Miller's Home page. Suck featured the site back in Jan 1996 when it was on Prodigy. According to Ready Steadman Go, Suck co-founder Carl Steadman was rumored to be behind Miller's site. Ready Steadman Go was run by Ben and Mena Trott, who also formed a little company called Six Apart which makes the software on which kottke.org runs.

Anyway, Walter's Home page will soon be gone. Looks like Cartoon Girls I Wanna Nail has already been banished to the land of wind and ghosts. Oh, and whatever happened to Carl? Plastic is still going but is he still at the helm? (via waxy)

Update: Geocities is now dead, and Walter Miller's Home page with it. Here's an archived version. (thx, tim)

Suck Cola!May 16 2008

Greg Allen still has his bottle of Suck Cola from when the now-defunct web site Suck was handing them out at a trade show in 1996. He's building a registry of Suck Cola bottles...if you've got one, send in the details.

After your Cola information is reviewed and validated, you will be issued a Suck Cola Registry Number. I have designated my bottle SC0005, having reserved the first four Registry Numbers, SC0001-SC0004, for Suck.com co-founders Joey Anuff and Carl Steadman.

Suck the web site has now been dead for as long as it was active, but the Cola lives on.

After four days as a porn site,Jan 02 2006

After four days as a porn site, suck.com is back to its old self. No explanation yet about the outage.

Suck.com is (temporarily? forever?) a pornDec 30 2005

Suck.com is (temporarily? forever?) a porn site. If it's gone for good, it's the end of an era. (thx, owen)

Update: Andy's got more info and is trying to see if an archive exists anywhere.

Greg reminded me that today is the 10Aug 28 2005

Greg reminded me that today is the 10th anniversary of the launch of Suck. I started reading a few weeks after it launched, but I do remember going back to read the first article that kicked it off. Here's a lengthy and comprehensive look at Suck's history.

Sucksters Polly Ester and Terry Colon onJul 26 2005

Sucksters Polly Ester and Terry Colon on Bubble Goo in the always excellent Filler.

Long, long, long, but good, good, goodJun 28 2005

Long, long, long, but good, good, good piece on Suck, "the first great website".

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