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As part of the the Takashi MurakamiApr 10 2008

As part of the the Takashi Murakami show at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, the artist is collaborating with Louis Vuitton to station street vendors -- who typically sell counterfeit merchandise -- outside the museum selling real LV bags designed by Murakami himself.

Based on a paper about "copy-move forgery",Apr 04 2008

Based on a paper about "copy-move forgery", a couple of programmers have come up with a program that algorithmically detects whether a photograph has been photoshopped using the cloning technique. It works very well on Adnan Hajj's doctored Reuters photo of an attack on Beirut.

See also: how to detect photo forgeries.

Supernotes are high quality fake US dollarsAug 24 2005

Supernotes are high quality fake US dollars printed on the same printing presses that the US government uses to make money.

How to identify faked photos.Aug 22 2005

How to identify faked photos.

Counterfeiters print Excel function on jeans by accidentAug 05 2005

Counterfeiters print Excel function on jeans by accident. "The counterfeiters are using Excel or Access to store all the logos for their counterfeit jeans and then print them out onto leather. This is what happens when there is a bug in their software."

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