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Slate's wine columnist considers which champagne Jay-ZJun 23 2006

Slate's wine columnist considers which champagne Jay-Z should drink now that he's given up the Cristal. Taste and prestige are not the only considerations: "Take, for instance, this line from the Jay-Z hit 'Can't Knock the Hustle': 'My motto, stack rocks like Colorado/ auto off the champagne, Cristal's by the bottle. 'Salon' can be substituted for 'Cristal' at no cost to the flow."

Jay-Z is banning Cristal champagne in hisJun 16 2006

Jay-Z is banning Cristal champagne in his clubs after some "racist" comments by the champagne house's managing director in The Economist. I think Jay-Z is confusing race with culture here; I can't imagine two cultures that are more different from each other than American hip hop and French champagne production. Despite his hesitancy about discussing a culture unfamiliar to him, I thought the director essentially said that they aren't worried about the bling lifestyle association because it's ultimately good for business. (via bb)

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