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Midcentury modern retirement gearJun 24 2011

midcentury modern retirement gear

View the whole thing at at Core77 and Fueled By Coffee (the rest of which is worth a look). (via mlkshk)

The making of an Eames fiberglass chairDec 14 2009

From 1970, this video shows how Eames fiberglass shell chairs were made.

Greg Allen says:

The idea of design has been so thoroughly associated with computers in my mind, I'd forgotten the essential sculptural processes it used to involve: carving, modelmaking, molding, pouring... How design and art ever stayed separate in those days, I cannot imagine.

Chairs from The IncrediblesMay 27 2009

Jim Unwin collects virtual chairs, specifically the ones from the movie The Incredibles.

Chairs from The Incredibles

This is my dedication to the creative team behind Pixar's movie The Incredibles. I loved the depth of the world, the buildings, the gadgets and most of all I loved the chairs.

(via swissmiss)

Mystery chairsFeb 03 2009

Hey Modern/contemporary furniture fans, that pair of beige chairs on the left side of the photo, anyone know what they are? Hit me on my burner or reply on Twitter.

Mystery Chairs

My copy of 1000 Chairs is currently elsewhere. Photo found on The Selby.

Update: And the answer is: they're made by Hans Wegner. (thx, mark)

Update: Mark emails again...those aren't the exact chairs but they are close. I definitely like the chairs in the photo above over Wegner's. Anyone?

The Year in IdeasDec 15 2008

The NY Times has posted their annual Year in Ideas collection for 2008, packaged this year in an "interactive feature", which is Esperanto for "no permalinks". A favorite so far in paging through is Tokujin Yoshioka's Venus Natural Crystal Chair, a piece of furniture grown in mineral water.

Update: Permalinks are a go. I repeat, permalinks are a go. Here's the one for the crystal chair. (thx, everyone)

Slightly uncomfortable chairsDec 15 2008

How to keep your meetings short: use the Slightly Uncomfortable Chair Collection.

 Slightly Uncomfortable Chair Collection

Fractal furnitureMay 16 2008

Fractal furniture!

Fractal Miyakawa

One could imagine a Powers of Ten video with drawer pulling instead of zooming.

Mag-lev bed. $1.5 million for a bed thatFeb 19 2007

Mag-lev bed. $1.5 million for a bed that levitates above the floor.

Ikea Hacker is a site that highlightsFeb 18 2007

Ikea Hacker is a site that highlights using Ikea furniture and products in creative ways.

Video of a crazy folding chair.Feb 12 2007

Video of a crazy folding chair.

Finalists for the 2007 version of the annualFeb 12 2007

Finalists for the 2007 version of the annual competition held by Design Within Reach to design the best chair out of a champagne cork. Check out the finalists from 2004 and the winner from 2006. (DWR's site has a bit of a permalink problem, so I can't find contest results from previous years.)

Bill Stumpf, designer of the Aeron chair,Sep 12 2006

Bill Stumpf, designer of the Aeron chair, passed away late last month at age 70. "I work best when I'm pushed to the edge, when I'm at the point where my pride is subdued, where I'm an innocent again." (via matt)

Winners of the Design Within Reach 2005 ChampagneJan 25 2006

Winners of the Design Within Reach 2005 Champagne Chair Contest. The salon dryer chair, the high chair, and the school desk chair are pretty neat.

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