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Radiohead + D'Angelo = OK LADYSep 11 2015

A brand-new, free-to-listen/download covers/mashup medley EP from Roman GianArthur, featuring labelmate Janelle Monae on the beautiful duet "NO SURPR:SES."

D'Angelo and Radiohead: it's two great late-90s/early-00s/still-pretty-damn-good-in-10s tastes that taste great together!

(via Wired and elsewhere)

Daft Punk Tron MashupAug 04 2010

This is a mashup of Daft Punk with scenes from Tron and Tron Legacy by Electric Method. Let's see... Daft Punk? Check. Tron? Check. I'm CERTAIN it is relevant to the interests of a lot of you.

(Via The Daily What)

"The problem with mash-ups is that onceJun 03 2005

"The problem with mash-ups is that once you get past both 'oh, that's unexpected' and 'that must have been difficult', what you're left with is a dj with really fucking terrible taste in music". IMO, few mash-ups have gone beyond the novelty stage.

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