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Hoax or art? Or both? Artist XuSep 20 2007

Hoax or art? Or both? Artist Xu Zhen climbed Mt. Everest and shaved off almost 2 meters of the top of the mountain, the literal peak of Everest, and is displaying it as art.

Audiences may not believe that this is real, which is similar to how people rarely question whether the height of Everest truly is 8848 meters. This relationship between belief and doubt has to deal with questions of standard, height, reality, and borders.

(via daily awesome)

Because of the bulge in the earthApr 09 2007

Because of the bulge in the earth at the equator, a 20,702 ft. high mountain in Ecuador is actually closer to outer space than Mt. Everest...1.5 miles closer. (via buzzfeed)

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