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OobjectJul 08 2008

Oobject is on a roll lately. In particular, check out the railroad snowplows, worst General Lee, medical manikins, pocket sundials, and food rations.

Build your own Apple Store. Oobject trackedJan 24 2008

Build your own Apple Store. Oobject tracked down the materials, furniture, fixtures, and finishes used in the Apple Stores, giving anyone enough information to turn their living room into one.

Oobject has collected several photos of planetariumDec 12 2007

Oobject has collected several photos of planetarium projectors, which are wonderfully elaborate machines.

Their purpose is a bizarre reversal of a large optical telescope, taking an internal view of the the universe and projecting it on a dome, rather than creating a view from peering outside of one, but the aesthetic is somewhat similar. Another curious similarity is how much they look like some early satellites.

Some of these look like huge drills.

My friend David Galbraith just launched aSep 05 2007

My friend David Galbraith just launched a gadget site called Oobject. The gadgets are organized into hierarchically ordered collections and you can vote on the position of a particular gadget within the collection. Two of my favorite collections are the iPod knock-offs and revolting gold gadgets (it's interesting that gold makes technology look vulgar and therefore cheap).

Oh, and David's Smashing Telly is still cranking along nicely. I wish I had time to watch all the shows featured recently.

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