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Star Wars characters as Greek statuesNov 11 2015

Travis Durden

From artist Travis Durden, Greek-style faux-marble sculptures of Star Wars characters. I think the one of General Grievous is my favorite. (via colossal)

P.S. Colossal is on a roll lately. Go look.

What was the Venus de Milo doing with her arms?Jul 03 2015

The Venus de Milo's arms are lost to history but that hasn't stopped historians and scholars wondering what exactly she was doing with them when the statue was carved. In order to test out a theory that Venus was spinning thread, Virginia Postrel hired designer and artist Cosmo Wenman to construct a 3D model of Venus de Milo.

Venus De Milo with arms

Voxel animalsFeb 28 2014

Love these voxelated animal sculptures by New Zealand artist Ben Foster.

Ben Foster sculpture

Very aesthetically (but perhaps not conceptually) New Aesthetic. (via colossal)

The Rape of ProserpinaFeb 14 2012

Il Ratto di Proserpina (The Rape of Proserpina) is an amazing sculpture by Bernini. It depicts Pluto abducting Proserpina to take her to the underworld. The overall composition is great but the devil (ahem) is in the details. For example, check out how Pluto's hands grip into the marble flesh:

Rape Of Proserpina

Wonderful. Bernini completed this piece in 1622 when he was just 23 years old. (via stable transit)

Oliver Herring's photo sculptures. Reminds me ofJun 14 2007

Oliver Herring's photo sculptures. Reminds me of David Meanix's work for Six Feet Under (if you remember Claire's photo masks in season 4). (via moon river)

Martin Klimas' captured moments of shattering statuesJun 14 2007

Martin Klimas' captured moments of shattering statues is an interesting form of photographic sculpture. (via daily awesome)

The Alamo (aka the big black spinningNov 29 2005

The Alamo (aka the big black spinning cube in Astor Place) is back in its original location after repair and cleaning.

Great influence map of European art andAug 18 2005

Great influence map of European art and sculpture (looks largely French), detailing relationships between masters and students as well as collaborations. Reminds me of a Feynman diagram.

A street sculpture by REVS was recentlyJun 05 2005

A street sculpture by REVS was recently stolen in my neighborhood.

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