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Snowflakes, close-upNov 22 2013

SnowflakeSnowflake 2

Alexey Kljatov takes amazing photographs of snowflakes. Infinite beautiful variation. The large versions are worth checking out.

Metrodome roof collapses because of too much snowDec 12 2010

And they caught it on film. Crazy:

Skiing the Air Force MemorialDec 21 2009

There was so much snow in the DC area this weekend that Rob Story decided to make fresh tracks down the slope of the Air Force Memorial.

Do very large snowflakes exist? "Now, theorists,Mar 20 2007

Do very large snowflakes exist? "Now, theorists, weather historians and field observers are concluding that most of the reports are true and that unusually large snowflakes two to six inches wide and perhaps wider fall regularly around the globe, surprisingly big and fluffy, if seldom witnessed or celebrated." During a snowstorm when I was in college, I saw puffy snowflake balls about 1-2 inches in diameter falling from the sky...it was the coolest thing.

This is what it looked like outsideOct 23 2005

This is what it looked like outside our window this morning. Snow!

One of San Francisco's steepest streets willAug 22 2005

One of San Francisco's steepest streets will be closed later this month...for ski jumping. They're hauling in 200 tons of snow and a bunch of skiers. I'm sure this will be a much Flickred event.

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