So, Long Summer.

posted by Jason Kottke   Aug 25, 2021

two kids running from ocean waves on the beach

Hi folks. I am taking the rest of August off to spend some time with my family near the ocean. I might extend that through Labor Day weekend, who knows? After hitting it hard here during the first year of the pandemic1 — especially in the first several months — I’ve slowed up a bit this summer to give myself some space to recuperate and reconnect with other areas of my life. That’s been nice & necessary and I’m thankful to have a work situation that allows me to do that, but I plan to be back here in September with a renewed vigor. I hope you have a nice rest of your summer (or winter — I see you southern hemisphere) and I’ll see you back here soon. Stay safe, everyone.

  1. “The first year of the pandemic” — even just writing that tightens the chest.