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posted by Jason Kottke   Mar 12, 2007

Meg woke up at 1:30am the night we saw Zodiac, unable to sleep because she couldn’t get a stabbing from the movie out of her head. To get back to sleep, she convened an impromptu cutest baby animal tournament in her head. Kittens were cuter than puppies, baby pandas beat out kittens, and so on until she eventually was able to fall back to a stab-free sleep. Just putting that out there for whenever O’Reilly gets around to releasing their Sleep Hacks book.

Zodiac the first all-digital feature film?

posted by Jason Kottke   Mar 02, 2007

In doing some research in anticipation of seeing Zodiac sometime this weekend, I came across the following tidbit:

[Zodiac is] believed to be the first full-length studio feature film shot and produced entirely as data from start to finish, with no physical media involved beyond backing up all raw imagery to 500 vaulted LTO data tapes during postproduction.

This sounds wrong to me, but I can’t think of what movie might have been both filmed and cut digitally before this one. Do Pixar’s animated features count? Surely there’s no film involved there. Does Soderbergh shoot & edit his big studio stuff digitally? The Coens edited Intolerable Cruelty digitally with Final Cut Pro but shot it on film. Maybe some of the newer action films…Superman Returns, King Kong, Batman Begins? I know there are some obsessive film-savvy kottke.org readers out there, can you shed any light on this?

Update: According to this feature on Apple’s web site, Kerry Conran shot and edited Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow digitally.

A peek into David Fincher’s uncompromising filmmaking

posted by Jason Kottke   Feb 19, 2007

A peek into David Fincher’s uncompromising filmmaking process on the eve of the release of his new film, Zodiac. Jake Gyllenhaal: “David knows what he wants, and he’s very clear about what he wants, and he’s very, very, very smart. But sometimes we’d do a lot of takes, and he’d turn, and he would say, because he had a computer there, ‘Delete the last 10 takes.’ And as an actor that’s very hard to hear.”