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Update 9/1/05: I've removed the contribution form from this page. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the site over the past few months, including those listed on the micropatrons page. micropatrons

Here are some of the wonderful people who have supported the site by making a contribution:

Thomas Laffont
Jesse Wright
Mathew Patterson
Tom O'Dea
Ivar Zantinge
Tommy Tompkins
Justin Lilly
Joseph Gennaro Martorella
Sonny Datoy
Nick Richards
Jim Phelan

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Gift list

As part of the three week "fund drive" that recently ended, I offered the chance for those that contributed to win the following gifts:

Emergence was a New York Times Notable Book in 2001 and I've been exploring the bibliography extensively ever since I read it.

Alison Headley, proprietor of I Like Beads and the Bluishorange weblog, sells delightful handmade jewelry when she's not dayjobbing.

Pixiesdiscs are limited edition CD recordings of each show the Pixies did on their 2004 tour. Collect them all.

You ship your CDs to Ripshark and they convert them to MP3. The VIP Rip covers about 450 CDs of music.

Six Apart makes Movable Type, the weblog software that powers this site.

I haven't seen the book, but from the photos and description online, it looks beautiful, wonderfully made, and a little crazy. I want one of these myself.

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