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Update 9/1/05: I've removed the contribution form from this page. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the site over the past few months, including those listed on the micropatrons page. micropatrons

Here are some of the wonderful people who have supported the site by making a contribution:

Greg Tracey
Madhu Menon
Malcolm Ting
Jason Clarke
Ochen K
Reid Philpot
David Hjortso
Stefan Kolgen
Dave Marks
Stephen Yoch
William Drenttel

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Gift list

As part of the three week "fund drive" that recently ended, I offered the chance for those that contributed to win the following gifts:

Sam draws funny but poignant pictures from titles suggested by his readers. This print's title is "sometimes i just want to kill everyone".

Each month, you'll receive a signed limited edition 5x7 print of one of Heather's photographs.

Emergence was a New York Times Notable Book in 2001 and I've been exploring the bibliography extensively ever since I read it.

If you're looking for web hosting, Textdrive "is a hosting company run by and for people who love publishing on the web". Did I mention *for life*?

Enjoy six months of Flickr Pro for free...more uploads, unlimited storage, and ad-free browsing on my favorite photo storage/sharing site.

Surowiecki writes the a financial column for the New Yorker, one of my favorite features in the magazine.

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