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Update 9/1/05: I've removed the contribution form from this page. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the site over the past few months, including those listed on the micropatrons page. micropatrons

Here are some of the wonderful people who have supported the site by making a contribution:

Yvonne Adams
Laura Frank
Bryan Mason
Brad Wright
Rob Jordan
Ravi Singh
Mike Jolkovski
Michelle Lee
Mark McElroy

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Gift list

As part of the three week "fund drive" that recently ended, I offered the chance for those that contributed to win the following gifts:

Each month, you'll receive a signed limited edition 5x7 print of one of Heather's photographs.

This hardcover book contains over 140 full color pictures from the last five years of explodingdog.

Marshall's work has been featured on The Morning News and File Magazine sites. The print features a photo from Marshall's upcoming gallery show.

Jewelboxing makes professional-grade CD and DVD cases...the kits come with everything you need (minus the printer) to make your own packaging.

You ship your CDs to Ripshark and they convert them to MP3. The VIP Rip covers about 450 CDs of music.

Surowiecki writes the a financial column for the New Yorker, one of my favorite features in the magazine.

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